Tech Tip: How to use soitoolbox when SAMStore is installed on different port than 1433 (Default)

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In soitoolbox (via command prompt) we do not have direct option to use user defined port and the only possible way is to use it via soitoolbox.cfg

1. On the machine where you have soitoolbox run following command from path SOI\Tool on command prompt

soitoolbox.exe -x


2. This will create soitoolbox.cfg in ..SOI\tools location


3. Now edit soitoolbox.cfg and add following lines as

> Under "#1. Specify Windows credentials for all machines where SOI components are deployed";administrator;paswd123



#administrator : Is Machine login details

#paswd123 : Is Machine login passwoed


> Under "#2. Specify credentials for SOI database"







#SAMStore : is my SOI DB Name

#MY_DB_Machine_Name: Is my DB Machine name

#My_DB_Instance_Name: Is my DB Instance name, Leave it blank if SAMStore is installed on SQL Default instance

#sa: Is my SQL Admin username

#1533 : Is my SQL port

#My_Password : Is password for sa



4. Now you can run command as

You can use following command to connect to remote SAMStore DB

Note: I am using --getConnectorStatus as a example here


soitoolbox.exe -x--getConnectorStatus

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