CA ADA Office Hours Transcript - June 2015

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Chat transcript from Application Delivery Analysis Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [June 2015] which took place on June 16, 2015.


Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: Hi everyone - thanks for joining! We'll be getting started in a few minutes.

Dean Endreola to Everyone: Is there an audio dial-in for this session?

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: @Dean - this is a chat-only session. When we get started, you can ask any questions you have here in the chat box.

Dean Endreola to Everyone: ok, thank you

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: Alright - let's get started! Please start asking your questions now. Remember to @mention if you are replying!

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Martin, what are the plans for an online backup of ADA since it uses the version of MySQL not compatible with current online backup utilities?

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: Am I still online? Is anyone receiving?

Michael Bower to Everyone: @ Stuart - yes

Joe Poutre to Everyone: Hello Stuart

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: @Stuart - Martin is typing out his response.

Martin Kowalewski to Everyone: @Stuart, we are planning on adding a backup utility across the NetQoS solution set.  Right now we are working out the contract items for distribution, but once that is complete we have the utility as part of software solution.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: ok

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Martin - So, i'll have to upgrade to a new code release in order to get the backup? i.e. not a standalone utility?

Danny Kusnierz to Everyone: Is the need for the CAPC to present the data in UIM being done away with will there be a new way to display the data not using CAPC?

Martin Kowalewski to Everyone: @Stuart, it will be both. 

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: Cool, thanks Martin.

Martin Kowalewski to Everyone: @Danny - Our plan is to have a direct integration into UIM with ADA data.  No need for CAPC with presenting data in UIM.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: Any plans on bringing back the APD?

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: If not, how about NetCosm?

Martin Kowalewski to Everyone: @Stuart - we are planning on providing an improved visualization that is APD like, but more dynamic and easier to configure.  We also want to overlay that ontop of the layer 3 topology of the network.

Martin Kowalewski to Everyone: @Stuart - no plan of putting that in CAPC.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Martin - Great. Any ETA on either the backup utility or APD-like visualization? Also, will this APD like visualization only be available in UIM or will it be built into the ADA GUI, CAPC, or NPC?

Danny Kusnierz to Everyone: Are there any simple solutions for monitoring server to server on a Vmware virtual host short of bringing up a standalone server to do the work? Something like a virtual appliance?

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Danny, you can do a virtual collector. Designed just for that.

Sean Stanford to Everyone: @Stuart - Exactly what I was going to say actually

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Danny - It's ok. I used to have your job a long time ago when the virtual collectors first came out.

Danny Kusnierz to Everyone: Virtual Collector is a virtual appliance, or do I burn a Windows Server Installation for each one?

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Danny - Windows Server install.

Danny Kusnierz to Everyone: I have over 100 I'd need to install. I have the Virtual Collector licenses, but that's a lot of windows servers

Martin Kowalewski to Everyone: @Stuart - I don't have an update on the backup as its in contracts, I am pushing as hard as I can to get it resolved asap due to chatter from the custom base.  The APD like reporting is slated to be in UIM first, no plan on CAPC.  NPC is under evaluation.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Danny, yep. clone the VM.

Danny Kusnierz to Everyone: @Stuart - Good to know I'm prepared with the virtual collector. Just wish there were a linux alternative.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Danny But you also have to setup special port gropus on each host.

Martin Kowalewski to Everyone: @Danny - a linux alternative is something in our plan.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Martin, would like to see it as a view in ADA and at least the option to generate a url so it can be embedded elsewhere.

Martin Kowalewski to Everyone: @Stuart - We are considering that as well.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Danny, from our perspective a virtual appliance would be better. If the vendor doesn't package the OS, our server team provides it, and it's almost always broken for CA software. We have to spend tons of time figuring out how the server team 'hardened' the linux os. An appliance (or virtual appliance) is always preferred because our server team can't get their hands on the OS to ***** it up.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Martin, guess that comment is more for you.

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: hi Everyone, in case this is your first time joining a CA office hours - this is a live webex chat.  You can type your question into the chat window, the CA team is standing by..

david to Everyone: I would like to see from CA infomation, KB's, techdoc's etc on how CA uses it's own tools including ADA to monitor it's own network and applications.  While the documentation is ok there really isn't any real-world context that gives the end user any examples or guidance so when the user have ADA setup they have more to go on than just the product documentation which hasn't changed

Martin Kowalewski to Everyone: @Stuart - In our roadmap we have under consideration the ability to deliver both NFA and ADA as OVA appliances.

Danny Kusnierz to Everyone: @Stewart. Virtual Appliance would be best in my environment as the server team wouldn't even question a monitoring appliance, but getting them to deploy 100 new servers doesn't work.

Danny Kusnierz to Everyone: @Stewart, appliances would be great.

Danny Kusnierz to Everyone: What is the timeframe for decomissioning the CAPC requirement for UIM or do I need to keep CAPC around a couple more years?

david to Everyone: For those of us who are on CAPC and have spent a considerable amount of time with it, what is our future?

Martin Kowalewski to Everyone: @Danny - for ADA/UIM Integration we are currently working on the engineering backed plan.  I expect to have more specifics in the next couple of weeks.  Our intent is to have it by the end of calendar year if not sooner.

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: @david - this is an office hours for ADA, but we will send this question off to the CA PC Product Management team and will follow up with an answer after the event.

Danny Kusnierz to Everyone: @Martin, Sounds Good

Danny Kusnierz to Everyone: Thanks, I'm just needing a good way to surface my ADA data in a place that folks here can use it. Do I have other options?

Martin Kowalewski to Everyone: @Danny - Today your options are CAPC or NPC.  In the future UIM will be available as well.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Danny, and both CAPC and NPC support embedding their views in other places using iframes.

Danny Kusnierz to Everyone: @Stewart,  yes, doing that now , looking toward the future.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Danny, pretty much your only options. :-(

Danny Kusnierz to Everyone: I've noticed that Windows specifically has an issue with delayed ACK's as a default, has anything been added to ADA lately to detail that info better as a portion of the cause of telecom delays?

Joe Poutre to Everyone: Will UIM be able to correlate data across monitoring systems to present the "big picture"? Combining its robotic polled data with SNMP traps and ADA data.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Danny, it's not a windows issue, it's by design. Let me find the article on the piggyback timer. You can change an ini file to ignore rtts that are close to the piggyback timer limit.

Martin Kowalewski to Everyone: @Danny - Nothing in the latest releases, however we do have a feature in our backlog to address the delayed ack and improving support for apps that use keepalives.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Danny, apparently, IBM zOS has the same configuration setting:

Martin Kowalewski to Everyone: @Joe Poutre -  The simple answer is yes.  Our intent in our first phase of integration is to have the SNMP, ADA, and Robot data in context for a server inside of the Unified Management Portal.

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: Hi Everyone, are there any more questions?  We are standing by..

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: Final call for questions!

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: I'd like to see more office hours but staffed by the product management team instead of by support.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: Final call? Isn't the office open until the end of the hour?

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: @Stuart, we generally always have product mgmt on the line with support during office hours.  

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Melissa - I know. Just a difference in objective.

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: @Stuart, do you have any more questions?  we will gladly keep the line open if there are more questions.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: Sure

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: what's the best way to identify the most active servers on a span without knowing the server subnet(s)

Sean Stanford to Everyone: @Stuart - Well you could use the configuration utility, the MTP web UI if you have it, or simply run a pcap against the span and sort it to see which servers are most active

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Sean, no MTP here yet. Please provide the link to the current version of the config utility. Also, is it like DBToolv3 (unsupported) or is it part of the product?

Sean Stanford to Everyone: @Stuart - The configuration utility is included in the installer Stuart, it is part of the product

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: Great.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: How about autoconfig for the network subnets. Can the system watch for networks, then auto define them?

Martin Kowalewski to Everyone: @Stuart - no autoconfig for network subnets.  However that is a great idea for the Community.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: Yeah, I knew Lindi had built one for networks like she had built for the server config. Just didn't know if anyone had paid attention to it and/or built it into the product.

Danny Kusnierz to Everyone: I've  got the financial application police on my back. Can I capture full data packets for some apps and headers only for others source-dest pair by source-dest pair or do I need to do all or nothing?

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Danny, with MTP you can. Otherwise, no, unless you use Anue or something like it.

Jeffrey Arndt to Everyone: @Danny - Using Hardware filters on the MTP, you absolutely can

Danny Kusnierz to Everyone: @Stewart, @Jeffrey Good I have an MTP

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Dannie, you should be good to go. Just setup different hardware filters like Jeff mentioned.

Danny Kusnierz to Everyone: We're bringing in a services engagement to get things up and going well for a handful of apps to start. Any suggestions on how best to get the most use of my MTP?

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Danny, the hardware filters things sounds like it's right up their alley. They should be able to set it up so you're slicing off the parts of the packets you don't need/aren't allowed to keep.

Danny Kusnierz to Everyone: Any particular apps lend themselves to this kind of monitoring better than others?

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: @all - this is the 5 minute warning. Please get your last minute questions in now.

tanmoy nandy to Everyone: In case firewall in between MTP & Application server, then how to do?

Sean Stanford to Everyone: @Danny, no particular apps that I am aware of. The MTP will pick up pretty much all traffic you send to it, but only the two way TCP conversations will make it over to ADA.

tanmoy nandy to Everyone: two way between ADA & Apps server?

Sean Stanford to Everyone: No I mean that we have to see both sides of the TCP converations server/client, for ADA to rate the data properly. The MTP web UI will show everything coming in essentially, not just TCP

Sean Stanford to Everyone: @Tanmoy, you will have to allow the traffic being monitored through the firewall so we can see it

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: @all - Alright - that's all for today. Thanks for joining!