Tech Tip NV: Device Rediscovery Troubleshooting

Document created by DavidM Employee on Jun 24, 2015
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This is helpful for a few things such as help in discovering why a dataset is not getting added to a device or to find out what can be used for an auto enable rule.


Open the console at the poller

Locate the device in the Groups tree

Open the Event Log > Tools > Event Log > Edit > Set Filters

Now at each tab check only these items:

Severity & Ackn: leave everything selected

Message & Time: leave it blank

Type: deselect all

Source: Topology

Now > Actions > Clear > All Events

Go to Services > Topology > set Logging Level to Normal (Verbose)

Right click on the device > rediscover

When the discovery of the device is finished then go to the Event Log window > File > Save > All Events.


Then look for the lines that begin with the datasets MIB table such as:



The first line for that dataset will be like this:

CISCO_MEMORY_POOL_MIB.ciscoMemoryPoolEntry started for '':'public'


The next line is the query used.

select ciscoMemoryPoolEntry.ciscoMemoryPoolType,ciscoMemoryPoolEntry.ciscoMemoryPoolName from '':'public'@CISCO_MEMORY_POOL_MIB.ciscoMemoryPoolEntry ciscoMemoryPoolEntry


From this we know that a rule can be setup using any of these:





An auto enable rule could be like this:

ciscoMemoryPoolType == xx


or for example if you wanted to eliminate all Ismpi_io Memory

ciscoMemoryPoolType != 2


The next log entry will report how many poll instances were discovered like this:

CISCO_MEMORY_POOL_MIB.ciscoMemoryPoolEntry completed with 2 instances (6 changes) for '':'public'


After that the auto-enable rules are run:

CISCO_MEMORY_POOL_MIB.ciscoMemoryPoolEntry: auto-enable/disable poll instances

CISCO_MEMORY_POOL_MIB.ciscoMemoryPoolEntry: auto-enable requirements met for ' Memory'


What about when there is a failure, that too will show up:

CISCO_RTTMON_MIB.rttMonJitterStatsEntry failed for '':'public': [RedPoint][SnmpQL Driver] PDU too big for send/receive