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Here is the specific portion from the Release Notes for APM 9.7 that speak to the TESS Agent no longer being used in the Investigator tree (which I’ve highlighted):


Enhanced RTTM by User Group

Real-time transaction metrics (RTTM) provide real-time information about the end-user experience before that experience degrades to the point that an incident is created. Using CA CEM, you can now organize the RTTM metrics by user group. This functionality lets you capture more effective and meaningful business metrics.

You use the CA CEM administrator options to enable and configure RTTM parameters and to alias one or more CEM user groups to more readable names. CA CEM provides these configurations to the Transaction Impact Monitor (TIM). Based on the business transaction definitions and RTTM configuration settings, the TIM optionally records data about recent transactions. This data appears as metrics in WebView, so you can monitor business transactions for performance issues in real time.

After you enable RTTM data and options, the TIM collects the following data for each observed instance of a business transaction definition:

  • The business transaction definition ID (always sent).
  • The user group.

  WebView support the following features: 

  • A separate CEM Applications node instead of a single TESS Agent node for all applications.
  • Under each business transaction, if reporting by user group is enabled, metrics are sorted by user groups and their rules for the alias defined in the CA CEM Administrator UI.



With this being done – I modified an earlier CEMSuccessCalc.js to report ‘Grand Total’ metrics under the first agent that the script deals with.  I call them ‘Grand Total’ metrics in the name to differentiate from the normal level metrics.  Use management module metric grouping to pick this up because there is no guarantee under what agent it would report to.  I’m sure this can be improved, and in the code I mention that I attempt to use a custom metric agent was unsuccessful.  I’m also unsure about how the metrics will report if user groups are being used.  I just have not had an environment to observe and validate the calculator.  So I may come up with a better version in the future, but this is what I have now – do not use this unless you upgrade to APM 9.7 or above.