Tech Tip - CA PIM: How to configure ENTM to failover to redundant SiteMinder Policy Servers

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CA PIM Tech Tip by Andreas Müller, Principal Support Engineer, July 07, 2015


If you have configured ENTM to integrate with CA Single Sign-On / SiteMinder to perform authentication of user logon requests to the ENTM console it might be desirable to configure the CA Privileged Identity Manager Enterprise Manager to failover to redundant SiteMinder Policy Servers. To do so follow these steps


  • Configure the SiteMinder WebAgent.conf to redundant SiteMinder Policy Servers putting the list of available SiteMinder PolicyServers which are sharing the same SiteMinder Policy Store
    (in this example the Apache WebAgent on Linux is used)

    [root@rh56sm]# cat /etc/httpd/conf/WebAgent.conf
    # WebAgent.conf - configuration file for SiteMinder Web Agent
    # Web Agent Version = 12.52, Build = 142, Update = 0.0


    #agentname="<AgentName>, <IPAddress>"
    [root@rh56sm conf]# cat "/opt/CA/webagent/config/SmHost.conf"
    #NOTE: PKCS11 crypto provider is deprecated. Please use ETPKI instead. (/opt/CA/webagent/config/SmHost.conf)
    #This file contains bootstrap information required by the SiteMinder Agent API to connect to Policy Servers at startup.
    #Be sure the IP addresses and ports below identify valid listening Policy Servers.
    #Please do not edit the encrypted SharedSecret entry.
    #Add additional bootstrap policy servers here for fault tolerance.

    # <EOF>

  • In the SiteMinder Administrative UI add all SiteMinder Policy Servers to the failover enabled list under
    Host Configuration Objects  ›  View Host Configuration: webservernode-HCO
    (use the host configuration object matching the value used in the WebAgent configuration)

    Configuration Values
        Host                 Accounting Port Authentication Port Authorization Port 

    Policy Server  44441           44442               44443 44441           44442               44443 44441           44442               44443

    Enable Failover  x
  • In the ENTM Server configure the redundancy to the SiteMinder Policy Servers
    Edit <jboss-4.2.3.GA>/server/default/deploy/IdentityMinder.ear/policyserver.rar/META-INF/ra.xml

In case of issues please confirm:

  • time is in sync on all participating hosts
  • reconfigure the SiteMinder policy store on all Policy Servers
    (this will not recreate the store but will rewrite the current configuration values)
    (in this case the SM-PS is running on Linux using Oracle hence the commands to issue are
      # cd /opt/CA/siteminder/
      # . ./ca_ps_env.ksh
      # ./
      4- Policy Store
      1- Relational Database
      2- Oracle 11g
      To replace the existing DSN entry, choose NO.
      Database Server Name: (DEFAULT: ):
      Database Service Name: (DEFAULT: ): XE
      Database Port: (DEFAULT: 1521):
      Database Administrator User Name: (DEFAULT: ): system
      2- Basic Password Services
  • on the ENTM Server clear the JBoss cache
      # /etc/init.d/jboss stop
      # cd /opt/jboss-4.2.3.GA/server/default/
      # rm -rf tmp/ log/ data/ work/
  • On the user workstation running the Web Browser to access the SiteMinder protected ENTM application clear the browser cache and cookies and restart the browser