Free script to export the device list from Data Aggregator in a csv file

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This document describes a custom perl script that retrieves a device list with contact status from Data Aggregator and saves it in a csv file.


Customers like to get current inventory data from CA PM and also check for devices that are in a non-UP state.


A Perl script is provided, that:

  • retrieves a device list from DA rest interface
  • transforms the xml output to csv



  • Perl installed (tested with Strawberry Perl 5.18)
  • Perl modules REST::Client, XML::XSLT
  • access to the Data Aggregator REST webservice http://DA:8581/rest


Usage DA_host_and_port (e.g. IMDA:8581) outputfilename (without suffix)



perl IMDA:8581 devices


creates output files devices.xml and devices.csv


devices.csv view in table format



188110.241.250.66 X-BREF-REV9951   UP
206510.241.248.157 n5bxcbfwl101UP
1580myhost_CAMM_IM_SelfMonitoring UNKNOWN




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