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Publish Schema Modifications

What you need know? (Web Screen Painter Help Release 12.9.00)



CASDM_20150710_Publish_01.jpgOpen a WSP - Web Screen Painter




Open Schema Designer, you have two options to open, you can do a click on icon or you can do it on menu, Tools... Schema Designer
CASDM_20150710_Publish_05.jpgClick on Add Table button
CASDM_20150710_Publish_06.jpgClick on Add Table button
CASDM_20150710_Publish_07.jpgtype a New table name


type Table info


Add the new reference table to the appropriate Function Group (e.g. 'Change Order Reference')

CASDM_20150710_Publish_09.jpgClick on Add New Column icon
CASDM_20150710_Publish_10.jpgtype a new column name


flag Required

flag as unique;


Add how many fields you'll need.


sym and delete_flag is a common fields to identify our tables



check 'Required'

set a default value of '0'

CASDM_20150710_Publish_14.jpgClick on Save button

set 'sym' as the Default Display Field;

CASDM_20150710_Publish_15.jpgClick on Save and Publish menu
CASDM_20150710_Publish_16.jpgClick Yes
CASDM_20150710_Publish_17.jpgClick ok

Open a Command Prompt

Run pdm_halt command, it´ll stopped CA Service Desk Services

CASDM_20150710_Publish_20.jpgrun pdm_status for a check, CA Service Desk services need be stopped to publish
CASDM_20150710_Publish_21.jpgRun pdm_publish command

Start CA Service Desk services -


net start pdm_daemon_manager


Check SDM Log files and looking for errors $NX_ROOT\log normally: C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Service Desk Manager\log

By: Kyle_R


CASDM_20150710_Publish_24.jpgCheck your new table on Schema Designer



Do you need more information about custom tables/columns cdtj wrote more improving this doc  How to create custom BREL/QREL/LREL attribute



CA CMDB Technical Reference Guide 12.5

Web Screen Painter Help Release 12.9.00

     To add new tables to the database

     To add new columns

     Test new Schema

      Publish Schema Modifications

CA Service Desk Manager | CA Service Management Cookbook@



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