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Laptop Procurement Solution

Self-service application for your enterprise to allow employees to submit requests for procuring laptops with approvals

The solution provides “Submit Procurement Request” and “Find Request Status” forms to enable employees to place a laptop request and track their requests respectively.

Submit Procurement Request

  • Once a procurement request is raised, an acknowledgement is sent back to the user with the Request ID.
  • We have a script library which identifies the model number based on the parameters provided by the end user.
  • We have an API activity which takes in the model number and returns back the quote for the given model by calling an external vendor API.
  • Once the price is calculated, we send a mail with the model number and Amount to the approver, which is configured as a configuration property of the solution.
  • A task is assigned to Approver which is sent in the form of a mail wherein he is either supposed to Approve or Reject the request.
  • Once the status is updated by the approver, end user gets an update accordingly.
  • All request related information and approvals are stored within persistent datasets which are part of the solution


Find Request Status

  • This forms enables the end user to check for the Request order status.


Important Instructions:

  1. Configure the approver email under the solution configuration under the "Configuration" tab. Please ensure that this email points to a person who has approval rights for laptop requests