CA APM Office Hours Transcript - July 2015

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The full transcript from APM Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [July 2015] which took place on July 21, 2015.


Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: Alright everyone - let's get started!  You can start typing your questions into this chat box. Don't forget to select "send to: everyone"

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: While we wait for questions - for anyone who is not yet a member, please be sure to check out the APM community: Lot's of great content available there for APM users.

Hallett German to Everyone: @Everyone  Any feedback on the Tech Docs and KBs that you wish to share?

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: For anyone who hasn't seen it - check out this announcement on APM 10!

HenryGómezRocha to Everyone: Hello my friends, Who can tell me where I can find samples usage of APM webservices from differents programming languages like .NET, Java, PHP and JavaScript?

Hallett German to Everyone: @Henry We are researching for an answer.

HenryGómezRocha to Everyone: @Hallett - Thanks a lot, I will be waiting

Aaron Ritter to Everyone: are there any improvements in CA APM 10 with regards to JMX integration in the JavaAgent? or is it still the old single filter string method?

Matthew Muskaloon to Everyone: @Aaron - It is still the same single filter string method

Aaron Ritter to Everyone: is there any consideration on changing it e.g. like the idea i posted some time ago:

Aaron Ritter to Everyone: there are many ideas open which can be solved with changing some of the JMX information retrieved (at the moment in to own custom made extensions like the GC monitor)

Hallett German to Everyone: @Henry as far as we can find, only Java samples are provided, there may be something on the Community Site.

Aaron Ritter to Everyone: if such a framework exist many people could actually easy add new JMX monitors and share them in the community.

HenryGómezRocha to Everyone: @Hallett - Can you give us a link, please?

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: @Aaron, I see that idea was marked as 'not planned'.   I can let product management know you were still raising an inquiry.

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: @Aaron, we will be having dedicated office hour sessions with product management in August and September. Stay close to the event calendar for dates and details.

HenryGómezRocha to Everyone: @Hallett look this topic

Aaron Ritter to Everyone: @Melissa - thanks

HenryGómezRocha to Everyone: @Hallett - I wrote there but I still have the problem with the credentials

Hallett German to Everyone: @Henry Thanks. That looks like a good starting place. We don't have anything more specific than that.

HenryGómezRocha to Everyone: @Hallett - Ok, thanks

Santhosh Shankar to Everyone: Do we have any live deployments of CA APM for an MSP .. where multi tenancy has been honored .. any reference architecture

HenryGómezRocha to Everyone: Can you tell me if Executive Insight have improvement in the new versión of APM?

Hallett German to Everyone: @Santhosh This is more a question for Pre-Sales/Professional Services than Support. Please contact them for assistance.

Daniel Eig to Everyone: @Henry - APM 10.0 did not include any updates for Executive Insight.

Santhosh Shankar to Everyone: @Hallett - My apologies.. is this is a CA Support only forum ?

Hallett German to Everyone: @Santhosh -- Other groups are invited. But Support only is on this particular call to answer technical questions.

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: @Santosh - yes, today we're focusing on Support questions. We will be having a Product Management focused session in August. Other groups are invited to these sessions, but today we only have Support participating. We are happy to answer any technical questions anyone has!

Santhosh Shankar to Everyone: Ok…my question from a support perspective was to understand how we can support Multi tenancy in CA APM.. I have many support queries from existing MSP customers who want to use CA APM for Real USer Monitoring reporting on a Multi tenant setup…they are all existing UIM customers

Aaron Ritter to Everyone: many apm vendors currently focus on broaden their support by adding support for lots of new technologies from: nodejs to nginx php docker hadoop etc. i know there is some focus in CA APM but is there a plan what to do next e.g. the php agent is "already out of date"

Aaron Ritter to Everyone: was there any work done on ABA in CA APM 10?

HenryGómezRocha to Everyone: You can share Microsoft BizTalk Dahsboards?, I have not installed the CA APM 10 yet, maybe one example to monitor this platform will be useful for all of us, thanks

Matthew Muskaloon to Everyone: @Aaron - ABA is integrated into the base product as of APM 10

Hallett German to Everyone: @Santhosh This is more of an architecture question and you would should meet with Professional Services to help to discuss further.

Daniel Eig to Everyone: @Aaron - unfortunately we really can't speak about futures - that would be best discussed with Product Management in the upcoming August session

Aaron Ritter to Everyone: do you have already a success story with regards to Team Center? (it is new but it looks powerfull)

Daniel Eig to Everyone: @Henry - I don't believe we have any sample ones internally. I would post this on the Community site, and hopefully someone can share something they have created!

HenryGómezRocha to Everyone: @Daniel - Ok, I appreciate your help

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: @Aaron, let me inquire w/our marketing teams on that

Daniel Eig to Everyone: @All - the APM 10.0 documentation is actually posted publically now on our wiki site, if anyone wants to look at them:

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: 15 minute warning! Please submit any final questions..

Daniel Eig to Everyone: I know there was an inquiry earlier about new technology support - APM 10.0 includes a Strongloop / Node.js agent.

Aaron Ritter to Everyone: @Daniel im aware about this, but the problem is that e.g. the php agent is already kind of out of date because of missing support for newer versions, and it would be intresting to know how broadening the scope and keeping up to date is handled. the php agent is actualy a good example because php7 is what you want with regards to performance improvements

Daniel Eig to Everyone: @Aaron - we do work to update all of our components certification (if you check the certification spreadsheet, is updated several times a month). In terms of process and planning, that would be best answered by Product Management in the August forum.

Aaron Ritter to Everyone: @Daniel - is there a central place for that spreadsheet?

Hallett German to Everyone: @Aaron. Yes we have the compatibility guides. Try

Aaron Ritter to Everyone: @Hallet would be good to add that at getting started on the wiki page of apm 10

Hallett German to Everyone: @Aaron I will make this request to our Technical Documentation Team directly.

Aaron Ritter to Everyone: coool i found a support request answer added in to the compatibility guide definitely bookmarking this!

Hallett German to Everyone: @Aaron Your request was sent to the Tech Docs Team

HenryGómezRocha to Everyone: One last question, the document "Enterprise Manager Performance Tips" was updated for the version 10, or we can continue using the same?

Matthew Muskaloon to Everyone: @Henry - you can continue to use the same

HenryGómezRocha to Everyone: Roger that. Thanks

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: OK, that concludes our office hours for today. Thank you for joining!

HenryGómezRocha to Everyone: Thanks a lot