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Document created by DavidM Employee on Jul 27, 2015
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CA Licensing Simplification initiative

You no longer need a special license for CA NetVoyant.

For upgrades from NetVoyant 7.1.55, SP3, the existing license will continue to work. No extra configuration is required. For upgrades from earlier revisions use the license files from









New NetVoyant License Deployment Procedure



1. Install NetVoyant using the NV installation files and post installer, then reboot the server.


2. Open the file, and extract the appropriate license file that matches

the type of NetVoyant server on which it is being applied to the installation directory:  <Drive Letter>:\NetQoS\licenses.


*Note: If the folder does not exist, then create the "licenses" folder directly under the "NetQoS" folder,

then extract the file to that location.


- For a NetVoyant Master Console server, extract "NetVoyant_Master.lic" to the \NetQoS\licenses folder.

- For a NetVoyant Poller or Standalone server, extract "NetVoyant_Poller_standalone.lic" to the \NetQoS\licenses folder.



4. Rename the .lic file you just extracted to "NetVoyant.lic". It will not work with the default name as set in the ZIP file.


5. Restart the NetVoyant Service Manager on the server.


6. Start the NetVoyant console on the server and verify there is no license error and the licenses are available.


- For a NetVoyant Master console server, there should be 10 licenses available (these are not used by the master).

- For a NetVoyant Poller or Standalone server, there should be 80,000 licenses available for polling.