Tech Tip : nhDiscoverPolicy -import command does not import policies exported by nhDiscoverPolicy -export

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Product :- ehealth 6.3.2


Problem Description

When customer exports policies using nhDiscoverPolicy -export two files are created i.e.



When we try to import the policies using nhDiscoverPolicy -import command  onto a different server after placing the two files under $NH_HOME/tmp we see the following error.

nhDiscoverPolicy -import

oracle.xml.sql.OracleXMLSQLException: 6-byte UTF8 encoding not supported.

at oracle.xml.sql.dml.OracleXMLSave.saveXML(

at oracle.xml.sql.dml.OracleXMLSave.insertXML(

at OracleXML.Put_XML(

at OracleXML.ExecutePutXML(

at OracleXML.main(


successfully inserted 952 rows into NH_DISCOVER_POLICY_PARAMS

That "successfully" is not correct, the policies wont be imported.



The XML Parser does not support 6-byte UTF8 encoding scheme. It is also possible that invalid UTF8 characters were misinterpreted as 6-byte UTF8 encoding.



a) Open the DiscoverPolicy.xml using a Notepad ++ 

b) Go to Encoding

c) Select Encode in UTF-8

d) Try the Import again you should see

successfully inserted 45 rows into NH_DISCOVER_POLICY

successfully inserted 947 rows into NH_DISCOVER_POLICY_PARAMS

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