Tech Tip:  How to Stop a Currently Running Data Import Job

Document created by Gale_Bacon Employee on Aug 10, 2015
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Environment:   APM 12.9 and 14.1

The following steps can be used to remove an import job that appears to have stalled or does not complete in a timely manner:


1) Stop the Data Importer Service


2) Identify the import job id #.  (Select import jobs, or associated jobs in the graphical interface to identify the specific job id number.)


3) Execute the following queries (to delete or reprocess the job) against the mdb database, and replace the job id with your job id number:


    To delete the Job, update the status to Failed =>

          Update al_import_schedule set status = 2 where import_schedule_id = 'YourJobIDNumber'


    To reprocess the job, update the status to Ready =>

          Update al_import_schedule set status = 0 where [import_schedule_id = 'YourJobIDNumber'


4) Restart the Data Importer Service