CA SOI Office Hours Transcript - August 2015

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Transcript from SOI Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [August 2015] which was held on August 11, 2015.


Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: Hi everyone, thanks for joining! We'll be getting started in about 5 minutes.

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: Alright, let's get started! You can start asking your questions using this chat box. Please be sure to select "Send to: Everyone" before sending.

Mendo Bajrami to Everyone: When will SOI version 3.4 be released for download?

Rajat Bhardwaj to Everyone: @Mendo The next release for SOI will be SOI 4.0 and will be available at the end of September 2015.

Brian Carb to Everyone: question about events on connectors - we are using spectrum and netqos connectors. When we search for events in the event search window, we often dont see any alerts on a specific connector, but we do see them all on the mid-tier. Are they getting "moved" as part of normal processing, or is something not quite right?

Brahma to Everyone: @Brian...there must be a problem and the Event Policy UI is unable read data from that specific connector...In general, the UI reads data from '\resources\Core\EventStore'...Please check if this folder has .xml files for the alerts

Brahma to Everyone: @Brian...also by default Event UI can fetch only 24 hours read archve data, we need to update a configuration file...

Rajat Bhardwaj to Everyone: You can also share your operational experience while using the Service Operations Insight Product..

sergio to Everyone: Hi all, I have UIM connector on SOI 3.2.

UIM Connector only imports the servers to SOI and all the events are linked to their specific server.

When I have an alert to a specific service, disk, process or anything else this alert affects all my server (depending on the alert severity) and this is not true. Are there any improvement planed to get the objects of each Nimsoft server on SOI?

Brian Carb to Everyone: @Brahma - showing up on the mgr svr on one site but only mid tier on the other. we'll investigate - thx

Brahma to Everyone: @Sergio...could you please confirm which UIM connector is being used?

sergio to Everyone: @Brahma Connector_APM_2.2.0.81

sergio to Everyone: @Brahma, sorry this is APM connector. UIM connector is Connector_Nimsoft_1.1.0.50

Brahma to Everyone: @Sergio...the latest UIM Connector(GA) has this feature...that is 2.0.35. Please install the latest connector

sergio to Everyone: Ok @Brahma, we will do that. Thank you.

Brian Carb to Everyone: Any plans to update NetQos connector? Last updated in 2011.

Rajat Bhardwaj to Everyone: @Brian There are no immediate enhancements planned on the NetQoS connector. But you can always open an idea or vote on an existing idea for the enhancements required on the NetQoS connector.

Brian Carb to Everyone: Regarding database maintenance - we no longer have to stop SOI services - but still have to run soitoolbox. Was there any plan to integrate db maintenance into the GUI settings - so the db can be pruned regularly as spectrum does?

Paimon Sorornejad to Everyone: ^ +1

Paimon Sorornejad to Everyone: imo soitoolbox is such a clunky tool.  would be much better if integrated into the admin console or something

Rajat Bhardwaj to Everyone: @Brian , @Paimon We would work on your feedback to improve the experience while using the soitoolbox utility. It was created as command line utility. But we can cosider having a GUI for simplified usage.

Joe Poutre to Everyone: Please note that for something like db maintenance, some of us prefer a CLI interface so that we can schedule the maintenance using a tool like AutoSys.

Rajat Bhardwaj to Everyone: @Joe Thanks for this information. A new enhancement will always be an addition to the existing functionality. While keeping the current usage unchanged.

Armando Diana to Everyone: Hey guys, just a reminder that CA World is coming up and we look forward to seeing you there in November. Does anyone have any questions about CA World?

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: @All - this is the 15 minute warning! Please ask any last minute questions now.

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: Hi Everyone, in case you missed our last community webcast, which was on July 23rd, Rajat covered key features of 3.3 CU2. Here is a link to the replay:

Joe Poutre to Everyone: Are there any plans for a Workload Automation connector? Specifically for AutoSys?

sergio to Everyone: We also need Workload Automation Connector. In our case DE.

Rajat Bhardwaj to Everyone: @Joe It is not in the plans as of day to have a AutoSys Connector. Can you please also create an idea for this connector? The idea can be tracked to prioritize this requirement.

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: Alright that's it for today. Thanks everyone for the great questions. A transcript of today's session will be posted to the SOI community later today.

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