Data Importer does not populate a Contact's last name of Null (example- Sharon Null)

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Data Importer does not populate a Contact's last name of Null (example- Sharon Null)


  1. 1.       A new systemconfiguration field has been introduced; 12.9 + T5EM231 (patch.msp) & T5E2402 (only MDB portion applied). (Default Value is NULL).

              a: Administration tab\System Configuration\Data Importer Engine\*String represesnting No Data or Null Value in Import Data File (case insensitive)


  1. 2.       Only customers who would like to insert NULLString into APM needs to modify this field.


  1. 3.       Below would be the steps User should follow to achieve this.

           a.       Existing datafiles contain 'NULL'/(blank) values which are intended to insert DBNull.

           b.       Now user would like to insert NULLString into (say) 'Middle Name'.

           c.       User changes value in the new field introduced in SystemConfig-DataImporter to (example) 'dummy'  (can be any value though).

           d.       User will need to replace all the existing 'NULL' occurrences in data file and with 'dummy' string.

           e.       And enter ‘NULL’ (case insensitive) in the DataFile wherever Middle Name needs to have NULLString. (example ‘Jane Null’).


  1. I.      Existing customers who is not concerned with inserting NULLString into any field (Including Middle Name, …), need not perform any steps.
  2. II.    Customers who are concerned with MiddleName having NULLString needs to update the New Field in Systemconfiguration to any value (other than ‘NULL’).

And replace all ‘NULL’ occurrences in their data file with the value mentioned in the New Field in Systemconfiguration.

And use ‘NULL’ in wherever use need to insert NULLString.



If there is NO value in the Data File for the particular field, it is considered DBNull while writing to DB regardless of string configured in System Configuration page.