Using safex utility to import policies get  *) Set CAPKIHOME environment variable...

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EEM 12.51 on LINUX


Try to import the policies into another EEM server using the safex command as follow

safex -h EEMhostname -u EiamAdmin -p EiamAdmin -f WorkloadAutomationAE.xml -fips


It is giving below errors


Please check atleast one of the following conditions are met.

*) Set CAPKIHOME environment variable.

*) Pass valid second parameter to etpki_lib_init function. Ex: if the second parameter is /a/b/c/[lib]cryptocme2.[dll][so][sl], it is assumed that /a/b/c has all the required CAPKI shared libraries

ERROR: [0xf7331700] ispUtil::_initialize : unable to initialise etpki in FIPS mode

ERROR: [0xf7331700] ispUtil::itech_lib_init : unable to initialise itech SDK

SafeConfiguratorImpl::init_itech_lib: unable to initialize SDK

ConfiguratorImpl::init_internal: unable to initialize itech sdk with XML []

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Safe_0_0_0::ErrorCodeXML__type::ErrorCodeXML__enum'



The problem is  linked to the environment :


The etpki runtime libraries should be installed on the system in which SAFEX is being executed. If EEM server/sdk is installed, etpki will be installed automatically. Also on UNIX machines, the /etc/profile.CA should be sourced (../etc/profile.CA) in the current shell (will be sourced automatically when a new console is opened after installation).

After sourcing the CA profile, the customer was able to import the policies, users and groups successfully into another EEM instance.