Is there a way to access the JavaScripts and/or Global Variables without the Workload Automation client

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From WAAE DE 11.3 Implementation Guide:


The Import/Export Utility

The import/export utility lets you import and export artifact definitions in batch or interactive mode. Artifact definitions include agents, agent groups, Alerts, Applications, calendars, Events, forecasts, global variable contexts, groups, JavaScript scripts, report designs, resources, users, and sundry. For example, you can export your Application definitions to a directory, update the Applications outside of the relational database for the server, and import the changed definitions back into the database.


In batch mode, you can issue commands to import or export multiple artifacts at one time. In interactive mode, you can issue import and export commands at the command prompt and view the server response for each command you issue.


All artifact definitions, except sundry, are stored as XML files.


we can Use Imexutil.bat (on Windows)/ (on Unix) to create xml

files with the applicatoin definitions, then we will need to parse the xml

files to get information.


- to export javascript here is the command as simple: -h servername -p 7500 -u SCHEDMASTER -w schedmaster -c

"export javascript -outdir /some_directory"


- to Export Global Variable -h servername -p 7500 -u schedmaster -w schedmaster -c

"exportvarctx -context payroll dbapps -outdir /home/usr/contexts"