CROSSINSTANCE dependency if same job name in condition

Document created by zgofa01 Employee on Sep 1, 2015
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WAAE 11.3.5 & 11.3.6


Problem description



A job is dependent on two jobs, a local instance job and a cross-instance job

having the same name. When  the cross-instance job is completed it ran the

dependent job ignoring the status of the local job having the same name.


insert_job: dep_job

condition: s(job1) and s(job1@BCE)


when job1 of external instance (BCE) is completed, the

job: dep_job ran ignoring the status of local instance job: job1.


Job runs even though its dependent conditions are not satisfied.


As a workaround solution use different job names in the successor job condition.


The fix should be availble:

- 1.3.5: in the maintenance post 11.3.5 INCR4 CUM1

- 11.3.6: in 11.3.6 SP3