Is a tie-breaker required in single EP & and dual ES

Document created by zgofa01 Employee on Sep 4, 2015
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WAAE  11.3.x  ANY





CA Workload Automation AE high availability mode  the primary, shadow, and tie-breaker schedulers are running

in dual event server mode




In case of switching to single EP and dual ES mode,  is the tie-breaker required to be up?





In case of switching to single EP and dual ES mode as mentioned above, bringing up tie-breaker is NOT REQUIRED.


This is  from Implementation guide: (tie-breaker scheduler is required only in HA scheduler & dual event servers)


- If you run CA Workload Automation AE with a shadow scheduler and dual event servers,

a tie-breaker scheduler is required.


- You can also install a shadow scheduler to ensure high availability of the scheduler. This requires two additional computers: a shadow computer and a tie-breaker computer.