CA SDM Loading groups pdm_load

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"A group is a collection of contacts that represent a specific area of responsibility within your service desk. Defining groups lets you assign responsibility for resolving a ticket when that responsibility is shared among several individuals. For example, you might have a Dallas Human Resources group, which is responsible for dealing with personnel issues in the Dallas office of your organization. When an employee in that office has a problem, you can assign it to the Dallas Human Resources group for resolution. You can associate request areas, locations, and a work shift with a group to be used in determining when the contacts in the group can accept automatic assignment of a request." Administration Guide


"Groups and Contacts are held in the same table - ca_contact Group records in the ca_contact table have a contact_type of group" Jon Israel

The contact has your differences by type, what type? Group using code 2308.


Is it the only difference? For ca_contact, yes. For CA SDM, no, thinking about we can identify many things like group member for groups also end users therefore it's very important to know, what do you need.


Warning: "CA don't support the manual loading of contacts or groupsJon_Israel  comment

BUT::.The procedure documented here works.


The first thing what you need know: VERY Important! Using pdm_load can be destructive so always back up your database before you perform a pdm_load, and use pdm_userload unless instructed to use pdm_load.


Important! Make a backup copy of the database before running pdm_load with this option. After old database records are removed, you must restore the CA SDM database with this backup copy if you want to recover any deleted records, use pdm_extract for this procedure.




pdm_extract ca_contact > ca_contact.txt
CA SDM Loading contacts pdm_load



Extract - groups
pdm_extract -f "select * from ca_contact where contact_type = 2308"


2. Structure table



TABLE ca_contact

last_name contact_type

{"My Group name","2308"}

1. Create loading_group.txt file
2. pdm_load -i  -f loading_group.txt



SQL Commands - Groups

select * from ca_contact_type where ID = 2308

select last_name from ca_contact where contact_type =2308



Tiago Macul



CA SDM Loading contacts pdm_load

DEREF - pdm_deref - Everthing do you need know

CA SDM Load department using pdm_load - dept - ca_resource_department

CA Service Desk Manager Load Category using pdm_load - pcat - Prob_Category - User view Prob_Ctg Category.xlsx

Is it possible  to extract and load  group information


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