Tech Tip: How to Test WMI Connection via WBEM

Document created by A_H Employee on Sep 8, 2015
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Test WMI Connection via WBEM


    1. Run c:\windows\system32\wbem\wbemtest.exe
    2. On top right click "Connect"
      1. To connect to the local box, leave the name space as root\cimv2
      2. To connect to a remote host, change the name space to  \\YourTargetHost\root\cimv2
    3. Provide the the user and password used in the connection from CCA
    4. Click Connect
    5. If connection is valid, then select the first button within the Wbem, Services "Enum Classes..."
    6. Hit Ok
    7. This should populate a list of classes (just verify if Win32_* are there)  If you need something specific ensure that class exists there
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