Support of regular expressions with File Trigger jobs

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Regular expressions are supported with  File Trigger jobs when the System Agent is at least at release:   R11.3 SP4 INCREMENTAL 1


For example on Linux, patch RO77796 or higher ( LNX-X86 - CA WA AGENT R11.3 SP4 INCREMENTAL 1 ) has to be installed


To activate this feature, new agentparm.txt setting (filemon.filename.r7regex=true) has been added to support regular expression characters.

To activate any new settings in the agentparm.txt file, you have to stop and restart the System Agent



A typical FT Job might be:


insert_job: TEST_FT1  job_type: FT

machine: machine1

owner: autosys

permission: gx,wx,mx

date_conditions: 0

description: "FT test with regular expressions"

alarm_if_fail: 1

watch_file: /apps/corgl/corgl_cs1/cs1/data1/fic/???_C[0-9,A-L,N-Z][0-9,A-Z]_*

watch_file_recursive: 0

watch_file_type: CREATE

watch_no_change: 1

continuous: 0

watch_file_change_type: "SIZE"


11.3 SP4 Incremental 1 - CA Workload Automation Agents - 11.3.4 - CA Technologies Documentation and Linux only) If a file name in a File Trigger job is specified with square brackets used regular expression characters, whether mixed with wildcard characters or not, the characters are not recognized as regular expression characters, resulting in a file mismatch. Release 7 allowed square brackets to be interpreted as regular expression characters in addition to the wildcard characters “*” and “?”.

For example, a file name of *.[tT][xX][tT] will not match a file name of test.txt or text.TXT.

A new agentparm.txt setting (filemon.filename.r7regex=true) has been added to support regular expression characters.

When the following two settings are enabled, the agent emulates the Release 7 handling of these regular expression characters: