Creating an interface for employees to change your own contact_id (CA SDM internal password)

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Sometimes we need extend CA SDM functionalities, therefore can be necessary create them. CA SDM has a powerful control about security credentials but using EEM we can administer some LDAP tool. It's everything ok to use inside company on AD (Active Directory) or also Open LDAP, etc..


and if...


we have a a big number external clients! What can we do? What way can we follow? Administer all clients? It's consolidating nowadays a self-administration of credentials, we can remember password, send a pass to mobile (SMS), etc..


an easy way...


create a simple password screen to users/clients,


How do it:


WARNING: The procedure isn't safe. jmayer  comment

You can see some password recommendations documented by CA on About Password Security - CA Single Sign-On - 12.52 SP1 - CA Technologies Documentation

It's other application but password recommendations always is good way.




WSP.jpg01. Open WSP - Web Screen Painter


02 File


WSP_File_Open_home_client.jpg04. home.htmpl

05. Change home.htmpl inserting a link code to detail contact, for example: after Service Desk information (search HTMPL="about.htmpl"),



      <td style="padding-left: 15px;" onclick="OpenMyOwnContact();">

              My own information



06. Create OpenMyOwnContact(); function


function OpenMyOwnContact()


    var url = cfgCgi + "?SID=" + cfgSID + "+FID=" + fid + "+OP=SHOW_DETAIL+FACTORY=cnt+PERSID=" + cvstPERSID;

    document.location.href = url;





09.Interface: Analista

10. form group: Standard

11. File name: detail.template

12. New


13. File

14. Save as


15. Interface: Client

16. Save as

CASDM_Edita_Contato_Cliente_08.jpg17. Insert your fields
WSP_Save.jpg18. Save
WSP_File_Publish.jpg19. Publish
CASDM_Login.jpg20. CA Service Desk - Login using administrator account
Menu_adm.jpg21.Administration TAB
adm_security_roles.jpg22. Security and roles
adm_data_partition.jpg23. Data Partition
adm_data_partition_list.jpg24. Data Partition List
adm_data_partition_list.jpg25. Client
data_partition_client_detail.jpg26.Search by ca_contact

27. Select Pre-update

28. Edit

29. update     id = U'00'    to     id =

30. Save

adm_roles.jpg31. Administration Roles
adm_role_list.jpg32.Role list
adm_role_client.jpg33. Select client

34. TAB 1. information

35. TAB Access

36. Search by contact

37. Edit on list

38. Access level

39. Update

30. Save

CASDM_Edita_Contato_Cliente_13.jpgClient update screen




CA SDM - Link Examples (Implementation Guide)

CA EEM Install   / CA EEM Install

Configurando CA EEM - Brazilian Portuguese

Uninstalling CA EEM







PIN - usar campo pin no registro do contato


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Manage User Password in Unified Self-Service - CA Service Management - 14.1 - CA Technologies Documentation

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