Free script to export list of discovery profiles and their ip address into a csv file.

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This document describes a custom perl script that retrieves the discovery profiles and their ip address from Data Aggregator and saves it in a csv file.



Customers like to get the list of all devices being discovered in a single page for easy management. This ensures that there are no duplicates or there are no double discoveries.



A Perl script is provided, that

- retrieves a device list from DA rest interface

- transforms the xml output to csv



- Perl installed (tested with Strawberry Perl 5.18)

- Perl modules REST::Client, XML::Simple

- access to the Data Aggregator REST webservice http://DA:8581/rest



There is no support for this script. It has to be run at YOUR risk. See terms and conditions before running this script here (Terms for User sites - CA Technologies). Please email Seenu_Mathew ( for any feedback on this script.


Usage of is as follows

  -h <hostname or ip address of CA Data Aggregator>

  -p <port number>

  -f <filename>

  -help <to display this help message>


Example: perl -h DataAggregatorHostname -p 8581 -f profiles

  The above command will create a csv file called profiles.csv with the list of Names, Createtimes, ID etc..



ID Name CreateTime IcmpDiscoveryEnabled RunStatus IPList

5982 StevemTestJuniVPN Tue Sep 1 5:13:10 2015 -0400 FALSE READY

823 First Discovery Tue Jun 23 1:10:51 2015 -0400 TRUE READY

1964 USB QOS Fri Jul 10 3:23:45 2015 -0400 TRUE READY

1875 test_sugar01 Mon Jul 6 3:20:00 2015 -0400 TRUE READY

1929 Don Test Tue Jul 7 3:21:44 2015 -0400 TRUE READY