CA APM Office Hours with Product Management Transcript - September 2015

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The full transcript from APM Office Hours: A Live Online Chat with Product Management [September 2015] which took place on September 17, 2015.


Melissa Potvin to Everyone: Thank you for joining office hours with APM Product Management we will be getting started shortly..

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: OK everyone, we had a snafu on the webex link

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: but please if you just joined - thank you - we are ready for your questions

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: Good Morning, and thank you for joining office hours.  We have product management on the line (and support) so if you have any questions please feel free to type in your question using the chat window.

Eduardo Vicente to Everyone: Hi, we have begun to use the API of webservices to get information of database but we are having important problems of performance. And we are running at least a 18 queries every 10 minutes. What we are seeing is that there are blanks space in the graphs in the same moment that we run the queries.

David Martin to Everyone: @Eduardo Have you tried extracting the same data using Command Line Workstation for the same time span?

David Martin to Everyone: @Eduardo This would establish if there is really a gap, or a problem with the web service...

David Martin to Everyone: @Eduardo sounds like it could be a <= versus < problem on one side or the other

Eduardo Vicente to Everyone: @David Yes.. and it runs fine.. but I think that the web service API was better option, more robust, flexible ..

David Martin to Everyone: @Eduardo is the command line workstation CSV extract a feasible solution?

Eduardo Vicente to Everyone: @David the problem is that for every query the system is locked for 2 seconds.. and if you run only 1 query it is ok, but if you run 8.. then we have a problem because we begin to see blank space in the graphs..

David Martin to Everyone: @Eduardo which graph do you mean? in the product or in your extracted data report?

Eduardo Vicente to Everyone: @David The CLW is a feasible solution and in fact we have done tests and all are correct.. but the problem now is that all the code is prepared to run through the web service...

David Martin to Everyone: @Eduardo  if it's critical, let's get the web service problem into support

David Martin to Everyone: @Eduardo in the mean time, if you can, use the CLW

Eduardo Vicente to Everyone: @David When I say graphs I mean a lot of different metrics; for example, cpu, memory, response time for frontends, etc. Sometimes we have blank space in some metrics and otherstimes in others metrics

Eduardo Vicente to Everyone: @David I have been talking this problem with people of support but at the moment we don't know what is the cause :-(

Eduardo Vicente to Everyone: Anyway.. thank you very much for the advice to use the CLW

David Martin to Everyone: @Eduardo have a case number?

Eduardo Vicente to Everyone: @David CA Support Request xxxxxxxx

David Martin to Everyone: @Eduardo big queries against SmartStor from anywhere can sometimes result in gappy answers...

David Martin to Everyone: @Eduardo support is actively looking at the case

Eduardo Vicente to Everyone: @David If I had asked here thinking if anyone had had the same problem

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: OK Everyone, we are going to call things a wrap since it was super quiet today.

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: The transcripts will post to the community, as always --

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: be on the lookout in the community for the next event -

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: Have a great day!