vigetsupportinfo  -  A new tool to help CA Customers.

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A new tool to help CA Customers.


We have been enhancing the chkvdc script from OPI.

And it is now ready for GA.


We have renamed it to follow existing naming conventions:




This tool will gather important configuration and runtime info from any cavi host.


Both OPI and support will be requiring this to be run and the logs provided for EVERY issue going forward.

(except model requests)


You can get the current build here:



You can save time by running it when you are writing up the issue and attaching it for us.

  or we can just have you run it as the first step..


  1. This script can be run by root, ./vigetsupportinfo

         vdc user with sudo privileges, ./vigetsupportinfo -s

         vdc user with no sudo privileges, ./vigetsupportinfo



  2. vdc user with sudo rights will require that some commands be preconfigured in the sudo'ers file:


Here are the sudo commands required by the "vdc" user in the vigetsupportinfo script:


#        Sudo Commands                              Purposes

1        hdparm -t DEVICE_PATH                   Measure I/O throughput

2        cat /var/log/messages                   Check system messages

3        cat /var/log/cron                              Check cronjob log file

4        /sbin/iptables -L                              Check current firewall settings

5        service crond status                   Check firewall status

6        crontab -u root -l                              Check root user cronjobs

7        du -sk /usr/local/pgsql                   Check database server disk usage



This tool will be part of the default install media in 4.11.02.

And these sudoer commands will be added to the docset.


Please provide any feedback on this tool,

And thank you for your time.


Rich Vernon


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