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Reading CA WIKI - Service Contracts it's possible know about for why i need it. This doc will connect everything documents, theory and practice therefore going to step by step


you can linked many objects:


  • Privates Service Type
  • Pri
  • urg
  • cnt
  • groups
  • CI
  • pcat



A. CA SDM Configuration: Prerequisites on options manager


Image                                                                            Description                                                                
CASDM_servicecontract_03.jpg01.It's necessary install some options, go to Administration Menu on Options Manager

02.Install Option: Ttv_enables

CASDM_ttv_delay.jpg03. Install Option: Ttv_evaluation_delay
CASDM_servicecontract_04.jpg04. Install Option: Ttv_highlight






B. Service Contract


CASDM_Login.jpg01. CA SDM Login
TAB_Menu_adm.jpg02. Select Administration tab.
CASDM_Menu_Adm_ServiceDesk.jpg03. Select Service Desk,
CASDM_20151002_servicecontracts_01.jpg04. Select Service Contracts on the Service Contract List page appears.
Criar.jpg05. Create New - The Create New Service Contract page appears.
CASDM_20151002_servicecontracts_02.jpg06. Complete the Service Contract fields as appropriate.
07. Configure the service contract mapping as appropriate.
Salvar.jpg08. Click Save - The service contract definition is saved and the Service Contract Detail page appears.

09. Create Private Service Type (Tipo de Serviço Particular)


It's this register needs to linked on objects on next step.


10. Mapping CI's, Contacts, Prioritys, urgency as appropriate



C. Associate contract to organization


CASDM_20151002_servicecontracts_03.jpg01. select or create a new organization
02. organization
CASDM_20151002_servicecontracts_04.jpg03. update service contract
You can have only one service contract per organization



D. update contact & organization


Image                                                          Description                                               
CASDM_20151002_servicecontracts_06.jpg02. update organizations