CA UIM Office Hours Transcript - October 2015

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Chat transcript from CA UIM Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [October 2015] which took place on October 6, 2015

Stephen to Everyone: Is there a link to where I can do a quick read in exactly what is UIM? or are we going over that in this presentation?

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: Good Morning,  Thank you for joining office hours - we will be starting in exactly 5 minutes. 

Janelle to Everyone: @stephen - Take a look at the videos here for more info-

Dan Blanco to Everyone: I was told there would be cake...

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: @dan, haha

Stephen to Everyone: @Janelle Are all these videos related to UIM?

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: Hi everyone - welcome to CA UIM office hours. Let's get started! You can start typing your questions into the chat box. Be sure to select "everyone" before sending your question!

Dan Blanco to Everyone: @Janelle - The newest one is 3years old.. Maybe an update please..

luis guzman to Everyone: @Stephen, it looks like

Ryan to Everyone: What is the plan for the "community supported" marketplace probes?  I would like to use 1 or 2 of them, but with no support from CA and no way that I can see for the community to actually support it I am very hesitant to use it in production.  Can you publish the source code so we can support them?

Stephen to Everyone: I was hoping to learn about UIM ... and see if it fits in my environment and have my higher headquarters take a look at it

Dan Blanco to Everyone: Those are great reference videos, i've used them and they helped me out but really would be great if new ones were made with the latest, newest UIM 8.x features, probes showing maybe Admin Console tricks or what not.

luis guzman to Everyone: in our environment we have Spectrum Ifrastructure, ehealth how CA UIM 8.31 can be integrated with our environment?

Bryan Morrow to Everyone: @Ryan: I'm not sure what the official plan for the marketplace probes, but which probes are you looking at using. Its very possible I have the source code to them that I can publish.

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: @Dan, I second this. It will be really helpful if we have relevant videos against some tricks and options, working instruction which will help a lot

Janelle to Everyone: @Dan - I agree on the videos.  More please.

Ryan to Everyone: @Brian - I'm currently trying to use the restsdgtw probe.

Stephen to Everyone: @Janelle - Maybe a video with an overall scope of what is UIM.... 

luis guzman to Everyone: the IIS probe what can monitor?

Bryan Morrow to Everyone: @Ryan - That's one I didn't write, so unfortunately I can't release that source.

Dan Blanco to Everyone: My biggest video request would be one on the snmpcollector probe. Really need a good how to start, what to put in place before discoverying things b/c I know its very tricky and if you dont have profiles setup 1st, there were caveats...

Ryan to Everyone: @Bryan - bummer, thanks though.

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: and can UIM be used for better alert correlation? as in spectrum. I have seen some cool videos of how spectrum does event correlation

Jim Perkins to Everyone: @Ryan.  The marketplace was recently stalled due to the challenges of standing up a consumer marketplace here at CA.  It is progressing, but I am unable to provide a date at this time. Sorry, we do not provide source code for our probes.

Gene Howard to Everyone: @Luis Hi, Yes there is in integration between CA UIM 8.31 and Spectrum

Mike Koprowski to Everyone: Agree with @Bryan.  I would like to see more information regarding the snmpcollector probe

Nghia Van to Everyone: @Bryan do you have the source to logmon or cisco monitor?

luis guzman to Everyone: thank you @Mike

Gene Howard to Everyone: @Luis

Paul Breheny to Everyone: @luis, on your IIS question, here is the list:

luis guzman to Everyone: Thank you

Bryan Morrow to Everyone: @Nghia: those aren't marketplace probes written by the field/community

Janelle to Everyone: Can I upgrade from 8.1 directly to 8.3? I can't seem to find detailed upgrade instructions.

Nghia Van to Everyone: is there documentation on intercepting messages on the message bus as to alter the messages?

Gene Howard to Everyone: @Nghia Source code is never provided other than what is in the SDK porbes. As this is considered IP and cannot be given out

Rufus Blackmon to Everyone: I would like to see how to configure a secondary HUB to with a GET queue to the primary HUb

Brandy Gary to Everyone: I second the snmpcollector along with self-certification. For these same two, mib reqs, troubleshooting and descriptions of errors

Dan Blanco to Everyone: This is a suggestion more of a question but with the ability to do roll-ups on QOS data, I would like to see reporting options that make use of that data and to generate reports based on either the granular, hourly or daily roll-ups.

Matthew Caraway to Everyone: @janelle, UIM upgrade from 8.1 to 8.31 is supported.

Brandy Gary to Everyone: @janelle, the is an upgrade path article in the support portal

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: talking about reporting, the biggest challenge that I have seen and faced is, a report for Availability.

David LeDeaux (CA Technologies) to Everyone: @Janelle you can upgrade from 8.1 to 8.31.  Please see the following link for the supported migration path:

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: Having to stress the importance, it should be really helpful if we have an out of box template for availability that is capable of identifying the exclusion towards maintenance

Dan Blanco to Everyone: @Ananda, "Availability" is a general term. What do you mean by that. Total uptime?

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: @Dan yes. the total uptime of a device/network

Matthew Caraway to Everyone: @Rufus the CA Wiki has a couple of articles that describe queue configuration. Do these meet your needs?

Matthew Caraway to Everyone:

Matthew Caraway to Everyone:

Jim Perkins to Everyone: @Dan Blanco.  Thank you for the suggestion.  Would you be willing to submit that as an Idea in our Community?

Brandy Gary to Everyone: I would love detailed info on how discovery works and most of all how correlation is performed. We are an MSP and have a lot of issues with the correlation, DMZ devices, and USM grouping.

Dan Blanco to Everyone: That you can report on easily with cdm. its a metric that's collected.

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: @stephen, - mind if we reach out to you offline - so we can set up for a meeting and further the conversation?

Stephen to Everyone: @melissa .. that will work

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: @stephen, great, thank you

David LeDeaux (CA Technologies) to Everyone: @Brandy this is a pretty in depth topic that may be beyond the scope of this session.  I'd be happy to help you offline.  Feel free to email me and we can set up some time

David Moya to Everyone: @Brandy Gary: Hi Brandy, let me suggest to open a support case, so we can check the different problems you are experiencing with more detail ... we will be happy to help.

David LeDeaux (CA Technologies) to Everyone: @Amanda it sounds like you might be referring to SLA reports.  You can set those up in the SLM portlet

Nghia Van to Everyone: @David this is a topic that I would be interested in as well as far as discovery and what not goes

Dan Blanco to Everyone: I'm also looking for a much much easier way to do Global Rollout, update changes.. that is the most painful part of UIM in an MSP environment. We are constantly making tweaks to our base templates and then the painful part is the roll out..

David Moya to Everyone: @Brandy Gary: If you open it now, would be possible to provide us with the case number, so we can take care of it asap? thanks.

Frank Tonjes to Everyone: Is there a document which gives industry standard metrics to be used for the different robots? e.g. If I wanted to say for exampe monitor MS SQL, what would be the key indicators for performance. e.g. VMWare Datastores would be latency related. Generally the robots have so many available metrics, but it would be good to know for the different robots, what would be 'industry standard' metrics to use (Key performance metric indicators).

David LeDeaux (CA Technologies) to Everyone: @All I wrote an article that describes some correlation concepts:

David LeDeaux (CA Technologies) to Everyone: might be a good starting point

Rob Borowicz to Everyone: I would like to see more DB support in the docs, best practices for MySQL, perhaps some tools to do typical DB maint. (totally delete a CI, and QoS related to that CI)

Dan Blanco to Everyone: Also an ability to globally polling say certain probes across the board and retreive setting information.

Brandy Gary to Everyone: @david ledeaux, I would appreciate that greatly! I have read just about every UIM doc\article and they are pretty basic. I really could use more in depth knowledge.

Rob Borowicz to Everyone: Our DBA's are reluctant to take this on.

Janelle to Everyone: Is CA working on a way to do dynamic grouping based on say disk size?  If we ever bring windows into our environment, the loss of dynamic groups would be a game changer.  I want to drop a probe pack on a group of servers and have monitors become active based on disk size.

Gene Howard to Everyone: @Dan are you talking about templates updating  configurations on probes?

Dan Blanco to Everyone: @Gene, Yes...

Paul Breheny to Everyone:  @Frank, that's a good idea. I would recommend reaching out to the community, in the short-term. In the long-term, if you add a comment for that on the wiki pages, our documentation team is looking for ideas like this.

Dan Blanco to Everyone: @Gene, for example, I have to Globally make CDM changes to all cdm instances to say disable reboot detect, Today i have to go into the Admin Console and then just check off each robot and then deploy the cdm_template_disable_reboot

glenn burns to Everyone: Is the UIM team building a best practices document for Oracle?  Support keep referring us to documents that pertain to MS SQL...

Rob Borowicz to Everyone: @Dan - VAIM allows you to do this with Polices and Templates for SystemEDGE configs

Frank Tonjes to Everyone: @Paul, thanks - will do!

Rob Borowicz to Everyone: We've asked for that in UIM as well

Dan Blanco to Everyone: DO NOT MENTION VAIM...  

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: @all - Just a generic comment about documentation questions/feedback/concerns:  Please do go to and you can enter  all feedback there - the documentation teams review your feedback regularly

glenn burns to Everyone: VAIM??? what's that?  jk.

Dan Blanco to Everyone: the product who's name shall not be menitoned..

Jay Wink to Everyone:   +1 @Glenn Burns

Gene Howard to Everyone: @Dan I think in 8.4 or 8.5 we are rolling out policy editor to help with this we are working on this as we know it is a pain point right now

Jim Perkins to Everyone: @Janelle: Our grouping capabilities are activly being improved.  Dyanmic grouping is one of the enhancements we are making.  As for building a group based on disk size, I do not know tht one specifically.  I will try to get the answer from engineering right now, but I don't know that they are in yet.

Brandy Gary to Everyone: USM groupings option, 8.x introduce additional attributes - would be nice to have an option for not only da_id but also network_id

Rob Borowicz to Everyone: @Glen - is there a Roadmap published somewhere?

Dan Blanco to Everyone: Any feature that is missing is the ability to globally check probe settings.. I know its possible thru scripting but really should be a GUI to poll these values across the board.

glenn burns to Everyone: cdm-probe, is there a way to configure and alarm when threshold is reached instead of average over time?

Gene Howard to Everyone: @Dan that is a GREAT idea and should be submitted on our Idea wall. I would LOVE to see that as well

Nghia Van to Everyone: We are looking to upgrade from UIM7.6 to a 8.x version in the jan-feb timeframe...what is the best version to shoot for and why?

Dan Blanco to Everyone: @ Glenn, open the CDM's IM GUI. No over time properties in there..

luis guzman to Everyone: what do you think of ehealth 6.3 and UIM 8.31. Can be integrated?

glenn burns to Everyone: @Dan, i know... thus my question.

Simon Sage to Everyone: what vmware products can the vmware probe be used for? there used to be a vcloud director probe but thats not seemingly been updated for several years

Raj to Everyone: @Simon .. vmware probe used for monitoring vCenter, ESX. You are correct .. the vcloud probe is due for an update.

Paul Breheny to Everyone: @nghia, as far as a good 8.x version, 8.31 has been pretty stable. As far as the path to get there, the upgrade path is on the

Rob Borowicz to Everyone: We would like to see out-of-box probe configs for managing UIM. IE: DB health, Wasp condition etc.

Jim Perkins to Everyone: @Luiz Guzman: We do not have plans for an eHealth to UIM integration.  However, we are working on an improved Spectrum to UIM integration for those customers who are moving from eHealth to UIM.

Gene Howard to Everyone: @Rob Please do open an Idea on this and what exactly you would like to see monitored so PM can consider it for you. But I agree would be a good idea

Dan Blanco to Everyone: Very important question here, the Remove All Master Devices function, would that ***** up everything in the UMP in an MSP environment?

glenn burns to Everyone: @dan cdm takes average over polling cycle/samples and uses average - is it possible to configure alarm with actual value and not the average

Gene Howard to Everyone: @Dan, It will reset USM for a time.

Rob Borowicz to Everyone: @Gene - Will do

Dan Blanco to Everyone: I want to run it b/c we have lots of old HUBs in there that are not cleared out and I just don't know how much impact this would have.

Gene Howard to Everyone: @dan for an MSP this could take up to 24hours to repopulate if you have a very large environment

Dan Blanco to Everyone: really!

Rob Borowicz to Everyone: So if you turn off Publish QoS for a device, doesn't the data_engine delete that device after 30, 60 days?

Nghia Van to Everyone: is there a easy way to replay alarms that are no longer in the alarm window?

Gene Howard to Everyone: @Dan I would use the call back to remove by CS_ID in cm_computer_System table

David LeDeaux (CA Technologies) to Everyone: @Dan it depends on polling cycles, how many robots you have, how fast your discovery probe can process the incoming data, etc

Paul Breheny to Everyone: @nghia, do you mean to get old alarms to re-publish?

Jim Perkins to Everyone: @Rob Borowicz:  We are presenetly working on a policy editor with specific probe teamplates.  I second the request for an Idea in communities.  We need to track what probes are in highest demand.  We will be releasing templates based on market demand.

Rob Borowicz to Everyone: And if so (auto purge device) does the QoS data get removed too?

Alberto Takimoto to Everyone: hello! How can I change the hostname and/or IP address of a netw. device in snmpcollector AND USM? I've tried directly in the snmpcollector's GUI but it did not work..

Gene Howard to Everyone: @Rob If the robot is active it will not remove the device

Nghia Van to Everyone: @Paul yes...doing a test alarm you dont get to set all field such as usertag etc

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: @Dan. Sorry on the dealy. With respect to availability using SLM portlet, yes, we do have option to get the report of all the devices however, we don't have an option to get them in a single report

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: we get that on individual report basis

Gene Howard to Everyone: @Rob if it is a device such as a router that is not being monitored it will roll off after no more data is collected per your data_engine retention time and then your discovery_server retention time

Brandy Gary to Everyone: @Dan Blanco- if you use USM, discovery will wipe out all devices from the view until they repopulate....along with the alarms. However, you could use the alarm view portlet which is not dependent on USM\groupings.

Dan Blanco to Everyone: @Ananda, you could throw them all onto a PRD, broken out by Location or office..

Paul Breheny to Everyone: @Nghia, once the alarm is published, there is not a way to re-send it. You would need to create a new alarm. Depending on the exact scenario, you could use alarm_enrichment to add/change the alarm details and then send it to nas.

Rob Borowicz to Everyone: Thanks @Glen

Dan Blanco to Everyone: and use Filters to grab that metric to show instead of manually creating.. yes it takes work

Dan Blanco to Everyone: @Brandy, so the views will be working once all robots re-check back in..

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: Thanks @Dan

Rob Borowicz to Everyone: Introscope makes use of "guest" users to publish dashboard URL's easy

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: should try that

Rob Borowicz to Everyone: We'd like the "Gen URL" in USM to do that as well

Dan Blanco to Everyone: its not like the groups had specific references to say boxA with UUID of 001 and then after the WIpe all, BoxA is now UUID of 0045. It should still find and dislay BoxA correct?

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: @all,  won't you think it will be good to have a check box on sqlserver probe against the databases listed on a particular instance

glenn burns to Everyone: Is there a probe for SOA webservices?

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: we get request to not to monitor few databases on a specific instance. we end up using pre-processors

Rob Borowicz to Everyone: When triaging a problem, its nice to throw a List report to a email thread

Raj to Everyone: @Glenn .. yes there is. Webservicemon probe

Jay Wink to Everyone: +1 @Ananda

Brandy Gary to Everyone: @Dan Blanco, yes. As the discovery_server processes all the items they begin to re-populate the groups.

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: but it will be good to have a check box on the sqlserver probe where you can just enable the databases you want and there by not setting up a nas pre-processor

Gene Howard to Everyone: @Glenn then only one we have currently that might meet your needs is:

glenn burns to Everyone: @raj, thanks, we'll take a look at webservicemon probe

David LeDeaux (CA Technologies) to Everyone: @Ananda if I understand correctly, you should be able to use an exclusion within the sqlserver probe.

Daniel Okine to Everyone: @Alberto Currently you cannot change the IP or hostname and maintain continuity. We are wotking on enabling this.

Brandy Gary to Everyone: @Dan Blanco, feel free to reach out to me. I have a profile in the community

Jim Perkins to Everyone: @Nghia Van:  Is this what you are looking for?  Turn off alarm_enrichment.  The alarms will queue up in the hub.  Find the SDS file in the hub queue and copy it off.  Later, you can drop that file back in the queue folder, and then restart the robot.  They will then be processed by Alarm_enrichment and the nas.

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: @Dan: I don't think there is an option to do this in the exclude

Nghia Van to Everyone: @Ananda you can open the sql probe up and go to the status tab

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: @Nghia, and in the status tab we will be able to visualize the options

Dan Blanco to Everyone: @brandy your profile doesn't allow send message in community

Nghia Van to Everyone: @Anandaa you can set individual (non template) check points here so for the things you dont want to monitor you can remove the threshhold or just set it to clear and then the load is off of your nas

Brandy Gary to Everyone: @Dan Blanco...i'm fixing that now

Johannes Aertssens to Everyone: Hello, what is the best way to stop the VMWare probe from discovering VMs? We monitor VMs via individual robots. So these duplicate entries just cause confusion.

Dan Blanco to Everyone: remove any VM metric from the Auto config group

Daniel Okine to Everyone: @Dan Thanks for the video request for SNMPCollector. I will follow up on this. I definitely agree it will be very helpful

Tomáš Vrbka to Everyone: capman_da 2.91 GA ETA? Thx

Raj to Everyone: @Johannes .. there is a raw config option - setup/disable_graph_publish, that will prevent the probe from publishing graph updates (disco information).

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: @Nghia, what I am trying to tell is, when you open up the sql server management studio, you will be able to see a tree view of the DB

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: it will be good to have such in the probe. Please correct me if this is something already available as I am running on an older version

Johannes Aertssens to Everyone: Also when will the cluster probe start supporting Microsoft clusters with more than 2 nodes?

Nghia Van to Everyone: is there a way to view the sql used for the canned charts in UMP?

Jay Wink to Everyone: @Johannes you are getting dups with a a robot on a guest?  @ Jim or Raj, what causes that?

glenn burns to Everyone: Folks have mentioned the CA UIM is the replacement for EHealth, can someone provide a list of the "ehealth" type probes in UIM for us to test?

Raj to Everyone: @Jay .. reconciliation issue .. its being looked into.

Dan Blanco to Everyone: @Glen - SNMPCOLLECTOR is basically eH, but the reporting in UIM is still lacking the eH functionality..

Jay Wink to Everyone: Thanks @Raj

luis guzman to Everyone: so do you recommend that we move ehealth devices to UIM? in Ehealth we use monitor by snmp and SystemEdge.

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: @Tomas, regarding capman would like to direct you to the capman community.  your question will be answered there, here is a link:

glenn burns to Everyone: how does CA UIM ehealth replacement probe integrate with Spectrum - with snmpcollector, that means double polling, correct?

Gene Howard to Everyone: @Johannes Are you talking about the cluster probe or support for the MS cluster for UIM? Cluster currently can support N+1

Gene Howard to Everyone: The following probes are supported in the cluster environment:

    Exchange_monitor (Only supported on MSCS) (Active/Active, Active/Passive, and N+I node cluster) (supported in cluster probe version 1.61 and newer)

    CDM (disk profiles only), (Active/Passive and N+I node cluster) (supported in cluster probe version 2.20 and newer)

    Processes (2-node Active/Passive), (N+I node clusters as long as profile names are unique)

    NT Services (2-node Active/Passive), N+I node clusters as long as profile names are unique)

    Logmon (2-node Active/Passive), (N+I node clusters as long as profile names are unique)

    Dirscan (2-node Active/Passive), (N+I node clusters as long as profile names are unique)

    SQL Server



Dan Blanco to Everyone: does the UIM team play, work, talk with the SOI product team?

David LeDeaux (CA Technologies) to Everyone: @Johannes If you're getting duplicates on robots and guests, it could be a correlation issue, but those can take sometimes take a little digging as to why that would be occurring

Johannes Aertssens to Everyone: What I am seeing is that UIM is pulling in VM records from the VCenter, DNS , and then the robot... so at times there are as mcuh as three entries for the same VM

Alberto Takimoto to Everyone: @Daniel Okine: thank you!

Dan Blanco to Everyone: ^+1, we get that all the time as well..

Raj to Everyone: @Dan .. we know where the SOI team lives

Matthew Caraway to Everyone: @Johannes, what version of UIM and Discovery Server are you running?

Dan Blanco to Everyone: @Raj!!! YOU!

Raj to Everyone:

Dan Blanco to Everyone: :-)

Dan Blanco to Everyone: One topic, - Alert Cleared By Who...?

David LeDeaux (CA Technologies) to Everyone: @Johannes without digging into the database, it's hard to say exactly why this might be happening.  Can you ping me?

Johannes Aertssens to Everyone: UIM 81. and Discovery 8.12

Dan Blanco to Everyone: @Raj r u going to CA World?

Johannes Aertssens to Everyone: Sure will ping you @David

Jim Perkins to Everyone: @Luis guzman: We know of the differences in the eHealth reporting capabilities in UIM.  We are progressing toward closing those gaps.  But we do have many customers that have made the switch.

Raj to Everyone: @Dan ... I will be at CA World. @Ananda .. can u please send me a note offline regarding SQL Server probe ?

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: @Raj, yes I will

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: and do we have any offers going around on the CA World.. I know there was on earlier and is it still on?

Jay Wink to Everyone: @Ananda Contact your Sales Rep and ask, they would know.

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: Thanks @Jay

Jim Perkins to Everyone: @glenn burns: If snmpcollector is configured, then yes.  There is a risk of double polling:  Spectrum and the snmpcollector probe may both be polling the same device.

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: @ananda, here is a link to the caworld community - good info there as well

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: Thanks @Melissa

Rob Borowicz to Everyone: Re: Spectrum polling vs SNMPCollector - Spectrum polls minimally, SNMPCollector potentially not.

Mike Koprowski to Everyone: Also I would be interested in UIM solutions for addressing Oracle Identity Manager

glenn burns to Everyone: @jim, thanks.  is there an integration thought between UIM to use Spectrum discovery for snmpcollector?

Rob Borowicz to Everyone: @Glen - you can export lists from Spectrum AutoDisc? import to UIM?

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone:  @all - only 10 minutes left! Please get any last minute questions/follow-ups in now!

Gene Howard to Everyone: @Mike please do open an enhancement request with details on what you would like to see monitored

Rob Borowicz to Everyone: In Spectrum - do a "discover only" export that list

Gene Howard to Everyone: @Mike You might be able to use logmon to do some now

Jim Perkins to Everyone: @glenn burns: Yes, we are working on an upgraded UIM/Spectrum integration for the 8.4 release.  You will be able to configure a global collection of models in Spectrum, and pass it to the UIM inventory.  snmpcollector can then monitor those devices.

Frank Tonjes to Everyone: Getting info from Spectrum into UIM should be easy. REST API gives you ability to poll any attribute every 5 mins and dump them in any format

glenn burns to Everyone: @ rob, thanks... i'm looking for a tighter integration between UIM and Spectrum - i know i can manually do the work

glenn burns to Everyone: @jim - thanks for the heads up.

Rob Borowicz to Everyone: @Glenn - roger that - @Jim - nice to know this about 8.4!

Frank Tonjes to Everyone: What are the thoughts regarding Spectrum and UIM. Obviously UIM will never fully be able to do Spectrum's job and Spectrum won't ever be able to do UIM's job - what are the plans and thoughts regarding this?

luis guzman to Everyone: hi folks, can you give information on the probes of Exchange?

Clecimar to Everyone: I believe they are completely different tools. ehealth x spectrum x ca uim

Frank Tonjes to Everyone: Yes they are, but it seems there is some overlap in what they do and keen to see which ends up doing what

Clecimar to Everyone: I used to work with ehealth and spectrum on the last years.

Frank Tonjes to Everyone: I guess some overlap is inevitable

Clecimar to Everyone: @Frank, Agree.

Frank Tonjes to Everyone: I think UIM will replace eHealth fully once they sort out the 'Health' Report in UIM

Mike Koprowski to Everyone: Thanks @Glenn

Dan Blanco to Everyone: WAIT, just thought of this.. how does or can we seggregate the data from the snmp collector so that data collected from it can say this belongs to hubA, this data belongs to hubB?

Frank Tonjes to Everyone: So we will be left with UIM and Spectrum

Jim Perkins to Everyone: @Frank Tonjes Our thougths are we agree.  That is why we are investing in an improved integration to be available in 8.4

glenn burns to Everyone: @cleclimar - if we really want UIM (unified) Spectrum + UIM is the way to go... CA is telling us UIM will replace Ehealth

Clecimar to Everyone: I used to say, the CA UIM flexibility bring complexity. I start to use CA UIM recently.

Matthew Caraway to Everyone: @Dan, give me a moment to respond to the SNMP Collector question.

Paul Breheny to Everyone: @luis, for exchange_monitor, here are the details:

Dan Blanco to Everyone: the architecturaly flaw I see in an MSP environment with the SNMP collector is that you cant (or maybe you can) from what data your collecting say it belongs to this client, or this client..

luis guzman to Everyone: thank you @Paul

Frank Tonjes to Everyone: @Jim, sounds good - I'm still learning UIM but it looks good and I'm very fond of Spectrum so will be interesting to see how the 2 evolve

Paul Breheny to Everyone: @luis, no problem

Matthew Caraway to Everyone: @Dan, Are you familiar with the device import templates in the SNMP Collector UI? There is an option to filter devices by origin, robot IP or even DA location.

Rob Borowicz to Everyone: UIM traps overlay to Spectrum models (Alarms) nicely

Jim Perkins to Everyone: @Frank Tonjes.  I'm not sure I am following your question.  What do you mean by left with UIM and Spectrum?

Dan Blanco to Everyone: with Spectrum, it has one collector, and handles 50 clients with up to 50k devices. From my understanding with the snmpcollector, @ Matthew Caraway... NOPE..

Rob Borowicz to Everyone: UIM App probes (DNS, LDAP, AD, sqlserver, Oracle) embellish Spectrum models nicely.

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: @Clecimar, welcome to our office hours!   did you have a question for the team here we are close to wrapping up

Rob Borowicz to Everyone: We then draw Alarms from Spectrum to SOI

Brandy Gary to Everyone: @Dan Blanco, try now....also there is a way to utilize the templates for other customers

Clecimar to Everyone: @Melissa This is my first time here. Just to ear and give some first insights about. I have a lot of

luis guzman to Everyone: can you send another link of exchange probe? i dont see that information on the page

Frank Tonjes to Everyone: @Jim, just saying that that UIM will do what eHealth does now we won't have the do I keep eHealth or only use UIM. Currently many people use eHealth because of the Health report.

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: @Clecimar, lol - thanks for joining!  our office hours end in just a few minutes but please do head over to the IM Community to ask questions, here is a link - be sure to follow the community -->

Paul Breheny to Everyone: @louis, here is another:

Dan Blanco to Everyone: thank you everyone... nice session..

Clecimar to Everyone: Hope to find answers there. Tks.

Frank Tonjes to Everyone: Thanks all

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: Alright, that's it for today! Thanks everyone for your questions! Keep an eye out for the transcript of today's session, which will be posted to the IM community.

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: Thanks all.

Dan Blanco to Everyone: need help with SNMP collector VIDEO please!

Matthew Caraway to Everyone: @Dan, I will follow up offline. Please expect an email today.

Jim Perkins to Everyone: @Frank Tonjes: The plan is to eventualy end-of-life eHealth.  But nothing on the roadmap yet.  At that point, we will be left with UIM and Spectrum, yes.

Dan Blanco to Everyone: Thank you

Frank Tonjes to Everyone: Thanks Jim!