FAQ for Customers migrating from support.nimsoft.com to CA support systems

Document created by Rachel Macik Employee on Oct 13, 2015Last modified by SamCreek on Dec 17, 2016
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Updated: Downloads from support.nimsoft.com now available from support.ca.com




When do I have to stop using the Nimsoft sites for support cases?

You will still be able to log into support.nimsoft.com and na4.salesforce.com, but you will be limited to read access on your existing cases.  In order to update existing open cases or open new cases for Nimsoft products, you will need to use support.ca.com.

What if I still have an open ticket on support.nimsoft.com?

During the transition to the new platform in November 2015, each open case in the old SFDC platform were summarized.  Subsequently, a new ticket was opened in the new platform, with a reference to the SFDC ticket number, and summary added.  If you search on the old case number within the new Service Cloud platform, you will find any case that has a reference to the old case number in it. You may review the information in the new case number, or continue to work it if it is still in an open status.

How long do I have access to the information on support.nimsoft.com?

You will have access to the Nimsoft sites until they are decommissioned.  Decommission date is TBD.

How do I login to support.ca.com?

In order to log in to support.ca.com, a user id for support.ca.com is required.  If you do not have an ID, you can find registration instructions on support.ca.com.  Our Customer Assistance team is also available to help you at ca.com/phone.

Where can I find instructions for opening a ticket on support.ca.com?

Instructions for opening cases can be found at Working with CA Support.

In the old system, we had access to announcements, archive, downloads and training. Where are those now?

This information can be found on the Product Pages located in the Knowledge Center on support.ca.com. Downloads can be found in the Download Center under the product you are licensed for  The archive page is still available without any change.

What languages will support.ca.com accommodate?support.ca.com handles English only. If you need to open a case using a language other than English, please call the toll-free number for your country at ca.com/phone
What product downloads are now available from support.ca.com?CA Unified Infrastructure Management, CA ecoMeter for UIM, and Nimsoft Service Desk product downloads have been moved to support.ca.com.
Where are the software downloads for UMP and Unified Reporter?These downloads are part of the ISO image for CA Unified Infrastructure Management on support.ca.com.
Where is the UIM/Nimsoft probe support matrix?This matrix can be found on the Product  Page (located in the Knowledge Center) for Unified Infrastructure Management
Where are the UIM/Nimsoft compatibility support matrices, end of sale, and end of support announcements posted?Announcements are posted here: http://www.ca.com/us/support/ca-support-online/product-content/status/support-life-cycle/indexes/ca-unified-infrastructure-management-release-and-support-lifecycle-dates.aspx?intcmp=searchresultclick&resultnum=2
How can we get access to software that we want to try out but do not have a license for?

You can find free trials of many CA products http://trials.ca.com/us/default.aspx  or alternatively you can contact us directly http://www.ca.com/us/products.html?intcmp=headernav