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This link provides access to the LongName FDP and other associated enhancements that are offered "as is" for customers to validate potential UI and functional changes, for Example ESrchfor, the Diff tool and CompElm facility.


These prototypes work by providing an override to the standard Endevor panels/clists etc. and so should be installed in separate libraries and concatenated ahead of the shipping Endevor versions.  The attached zip file contains the basic distribution and a document with full details on how to perform the install, however the basic steps are summarised here for convenience:


  1. Unzip the package
  2. Upload the .XMIT file as binary (FB80)
  3. Receive the .XMIT file to create a PDS
  4. Execute @@START1 member in this file to set installation defaults - HLQs for Endevor and the new HLQ for the LongName FDP
  5. Execute @@START2 member to create the @@START3 job (it should be tailored ready to go) and submit it
  6. Execute @@START4 to receive the ESort, EOnly and EPrint files (optional)
  7. Execute @@START5 to launch a sample startup Rexx, and FDP Menu as an the IVP.

Option L will launch the LongName utility, use PF1 to review the help, and then 'C' to review the changes


Please provide any feedback under the appropriate Idea entry, (a selection listed below) or provide further feedback here or in use ideas as needed.

WideScreen - Endevor QE Widescreen Support

ESrchfor - As an End  user I need a better search tool

Diff Tool - Enhanced element compare

User Extension Points - User Extension Points in QuickEdit and Endevor...

Project Switcher - Endevor Project Switcher


*Updated to Bundle V40 - including support for Spaces in long element names, and a fix for ESrchfor when the element name starts with a numeric (Thanks Steve)


*Updated to Bundle V43 - Including support for ENUXSITE (multiple C1DEFLTS), EDups (finding and managing duplicate elements, and a new tool for Administrators, SnapMon to show Endevor activity


*Updated to Bundle V44 - Fix for ENUXSITE processing


*Updated to Bundle V45 - Further enhancements to ENUXSITE processing and error messaging - Note: If ENUXSITE returns non-zero RC, LongName will not attempt to use the "updated" table name and will instead defer to Endevor.


*Updated for Bundle V47 - Adding View/Edit of ASCII and UTF-8 files, with full Profile support.  LongName now queries Endevor for the correct Record Length and Format when Editing/Viewing elements so you no longer have to hard-code overrides.


*Updates for Bundle V48 - Added a user command to SUBMIT a job directly from Endevor, that alone is handy enough, but it's a great template for any User command you want to add yourself that needs the element source (see User Extension Points in QuickEdit and Endevor... for more details). 

This version also adds support for Projects from the ActionBar.  LongName and Quick/Edit now automatically keep a history of locations you've visited to allow instant access to them.  You can also use the Project manager to mark your own favourite locations so they are always available from the ActionBar.  From the project manager you can also tailor how granular the information is, for example you can save and restore the Search map, and First Found options, or CCIDs and Comments associated with particular locations.  See the original idea here:Endevor Project Switcher for more information and to add your comments/requests.


*Update for Bundle V49 - Renamed the WherAmI function to Wher@m1 to avoid conflicts with user functions (seen at one site)
Note: use this bundle for compatibility with Endevor versions prior to V18.0.07


*Update for Bundle V50 - This bundle includes compatibility fixes for the Endevor Classic, Long Name feature PTF (R00144), or if you have installed incremental release Endevor V18.0.07 or later please use this version, otherwise you should use version V49.  There are now compatible WideScreen prototypes available for the Display and Retrieve element selection lists. ESort and EOnly are also updated to support the new fields.  

Note: You must issue an ECols followed by RESET commands for each of these views to update the columns displayed - after that you can tailor as usual.  


*Update for Bundle V51 - This bundle includes compatibility fixes for the ESort, EOnly and EPrint commands delivered with Endevor V18.0.07


*Update for Bundle V52 - This bundle includes compatibility fixes for Quick/Edit with the LongName & Widescreen PTFs (R00176), or if you have installed the incremental release V18.0.08 or later. This version still provides override versions of the QuickEdit panels intended as a preview/prototype of an enhanced WideScreen (where you can edit ALL the columns widths, their colour, and their order) as well as ActionBar support. Again the first time you visit the QuickEdit screens, use the ECOLS followed by RESET commands to pick up the new columns.  Note: Bundle V49 is still available for compatibility with Endevor prior to V18.0.06.


*Update for Bundle V56 - This bundle includes additional compatibility fixes for Quick/Edit with the LongName & Widescreen PTFs (RO94361), or if you have installed the incremental release V18.0.09 or later. This version provides includes CUA compliant panels to enable options like click to sort by column headings, and the ability to change the colour/appearance of QuickEdit using the CUAATTR options (review the Change history for all the options).  A new EHiLite command allows you to control Endevor message displays in browse/view mode now with dynamic keyword colour hi-lighting so that ERROR messages will stand out and are easier to read. You can also toggle between BROWSE and VIEW modes using the EVEdit command, and even see the colour hi-lighting in SDSF or SYSVIEW using the ESDSF and ESYSview commands from within Endevor.