Setting up CA Application Insight (CAI)  - Setting up Native Agent for Tibco

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DevTest CAI Overview:

- Ability to define protocol level recording



- to provide non-intrusive recording of Request/Response Payload

- (Protocol Dependent) to provide non-intrusive rerouting for Virtual Services

- Provide an approach to trace the application call stack within each transaction

- Allow additional debugging capability to the application during testing and development

Java agent concept diagram


Prerequite for setting up Java Agent (Tibco)

  • TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.x.
  • The following information provides general guidance on JDK support in DevTest Java Agent (CAI):
    • CAI supports systems that are based on JDK 1.5, JDK 1.6, and JDK 1.7.
    • Only JDKs from Oracle are fully supported. IBM JDKs have limited support only.

The following table contains the file names of the platform-dependent library modules for the native agent:


File Name

Windows (32-bit JVM)

  1. JavaBinder.dll

Windows (64-bit JVM)

  1. JavaBinder.amd64.dll

Mac OS X (x86/x64) 32/64-bit

  1. libJavaBinder.jnilib

Linux (x86) 32-bit


Linux (x64) 64-bit


Solaris (x86) 32-bit


Solaris (x64) 64-bit


Solaris (Sparc) 32-bit


Solaris (Sparc) 64-bit


HP-UX (RISC) 32-bit



Follow these steps:

    1. Download the files from the below attachment (Supporting DevTest 8.5)
      • LisaAgent.jar
      • The platform-dependent library module for the target environment.
    2. Place the files anywhere on your disk that has read permissions from the Java application and is not automatically loaded in the application classpath (such as \WEB-INF\lib directories). Configure RW permission for the folders TIBCO engine will need to read and load the agent from the folders and generate loads based on the agent's runtime status. Refer to "devtest_agent_804.log" for the sample log files. This file is created everything the agent is restarted along with the TIBCO engine. Running number to be generated for each new log files.
    3. Preparing and editing tibco configuration

                  a) For all services, edit the following file


                  b) Preparing configuration for specific services


                  c) Include the following to the configuration.


                             agent_name: A logical name that will be visible from the DevTest Portal. This is the name used to recognise the agent from portal

    1. Start the Java application.
    2. Review the CAI portal. <devtest url>:1507/devtest/#/main/pathManageAgents