Tech Tip: Importing SSL Certificate

Document created by ambas01 Employee on Oct 26, 2015
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Hi All, This is next tip for previous one where we discuss different ways to import SSL Certificate to SOI (Specially with SOI 3.3 CUM3) "SOI Tech Tips: Unable to import SSL certificate manually" Recently I observed problem where after importing SSL Certificate to SOI, SNOW integration with GD SNOW connector (This is custom connector with which SOI can be integrated with SNOW without ITPAM) works for some time and suddenly stops. With further investigation we found, sometime in SNOW, admin imports series of SSL certificates and hence importing single certificate (Which you can download directly from SNOW URL) do not work. Hence in order to make tins integration work you have to get all those chain certificates from SNOW admin and import with same sequence to SOI with the sequence it was imported to SOI. Followed by recycle of SOI manager. Thanks, Ashay