Tech Tip: Future dates in CCC chart

Document created by petch08 Employee on Oct 27, 2015
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ISSUE: CCC defaults to showing a 90 day period of future dates. Example error seen below.



CAUSE: Future dated data managed to get into the Data Manager Database. For example, CPU utilization metrics for Dec 1st 2015 are present in the database. When rollups are completed, the window is determined by going back 90 days from the latest date. Causing the entire window to be in the future.




FIX: The incorrect data needs to be removed from the server_fact and server_virtual_fact tables to prevent the data from populating the rollup tables.  The purge function will remove the offending data. To ensure data is removed run the purge function for tomorrows date until the start date shown in CCC.

For example:




After running the purge rollups need to be run to reset the 90 date range for rollups.