Tech Tip: MySQL 5.6 Performance

Document created by Charles_Nack Employee on Nov 11, 2015
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In previous versions of NetQoS applications we used MySQL 5.1.

We made some changes in my.ini to improve performance that may not be relevant to the new MySQL 5.6 that has been installed.


While the changes are similar the numbers may have changed:


These changes are for MySQL 5.6


The following can be changed in the my.ini file to help deal with performance issues in MySQL56:


key_buffer_size=192M (Default 384M)
read_buffer_size=8M (Default 16M)
read_rnd_buffer_size=8M (Default 16M)
sort_buffer_size=32M (Default 32M)


The my.ini file is located in the \CA\MySQL\ directory.


You will need to restart MySQL after making these changes.

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