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Document created by Daniel Blanco Champion on Dec 16, 2015
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Wanted to share this with the community from a procedural process how to export all services defined within SOI, then if need be how to import a all services or specific services if it ever a specific service got messed up.


SOI Services Backup Export Procedure:

To Backup and Export all services defined in SOI do the following:


1. Have to run the encrypt utility to generate the encrypted password we will need to specify later on:

C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SOI\tomcat\bin>WSSamEncryptCmd.bat <PASSWORD>

Executing WSSamEncryptCmd .....

EGMNiwBA/+bQ3cNmfeIU1koNkG/fMerwZ11bk6Oh5sdWm   << This is the encrypted password we will need to specify in the below commands to access the soi DB.

Return code: 0

WSSamEncryptCmd Finished....

C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SOI\tomcat\bin>


The WSSamServiceCmd help options:

C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SOI\tomcat\bin>WSSamServiceCmd.bat

Executing WSSamServiceCmd .....

WSSamServiceCmd Usage







        -s<Service InstanceID|*>



        WSSamServiceCmd -hlocalhost:7090 -usamuser -poneclick -aExport -s"SA_Service:WSMan New Service" -fc:/myServiceExport.xml

        WSSamServiceCmd -hserver1:7090 -usamuser -poneclick -aExport -s* -fc:/allServicesExport.xml

        WSSamServiceCmd -hserver1:7090 -usamuser -poneclick -aImport -s* -fc:/allServicesImport.xml

Return code: 1



Log onto your SOI-MGR Machine. Open a command Prompt as Administrator.

CD to the C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SOI\tomcat\bin> directory.

Then run:

WSSamServiceCmd -hlocalhost:7090 -usamuser -pEGMNiwBA/+bQ3cNmfeIU1koNkG/fMerwZDb11Oh5sdWm -aExport -s* -fc:/allServicesImport.xml

//This will export ALL defined SOI services when specifying -s*


To export a specific service, you would have to specify the Services InstanceID. To Find the Service Instance Name select the service in SOI, then open its SOI Properties Tab, then select the InstanceID line.

Right click and copy it then paste it into the -s"*****" argument.


soi service property ID.jpg

So export this specific service you would then run:

:\CA\SOI\tomcat\bin>WSSamServiceCmd.bat -hlocalhost:7090 -ucaspectrum -pEGMNiwBA/+bQ3cNmfeIU1koNkG/fMerwZDbk6115sdWm -aExport -s"Service:servicename,clientuctemplate" -fd:/Temp/allServicesImport.xml



Now to import all services:

     > WSSamServiceCmd -hlocalhost:7090 -usamuser -pEGMNiwBA/+bQ3cNmfeIU1koNkG/fMerwZDbk115sdWm -aImport -s* -fc:/allServicesImport.xml


To import a specific service you would specify the same file and just tell it to import the specific service using the services Instance ID. Example:

     > WSSamServiceCmd -hlocalhost:7090 -usamuser -pEGMNiwBA/+bQ3cNmfeIU1koNkG/fMerwZDb11h5sdWm -aImport -s"Service:servicename,clientuctemplate" -fc:/allServicesImport.xml




Considerations. If you export a service the properties on those CI's become static since they now have a universal connector reference sheet attached to this CI. What I noticed was that CI's that had an old IP address were getting correlated to new CI's since they had the old IP address. Consider this as a item to fix correlation issues in the future if the properties changes on the CI and new CI's are created with the old correlate-able properties.