CA 1® Tape Management Incremental Release 14.0, Delivers Increment 2 Features!   

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As part of CA’s Incremental Release Program, the CA 1 Tape Management product team delivers its second Incremental Release PTFs for CA 1 Version 14.  CA 1 PTF RO86720 and co-requisite Common Tape System PTF RO86715, also referred to as INC02, includes new enhancements and maintenance.  We are excited to deliver this update as the CA 1 Version 14.0 Incremental Release program nears closure.


TMC User Data Capture and Customization

You may now capture and update TMC user data (the 50 byte accounting area) without the use of assembler exits.  The TMOKEYxx member can now be used to easily define the fields to be saved in the TMC user data area of the volume record.  CA 1 will automatically obtain the requested fields from the job and system control blocks associated with the job creating the first file on the tape.  Fields that can be captured include accounting information, security profile, sysplex, PROCSTEP, SMS class information and more.


TMS STATUS Console Command

A new 'TMS STATUS' console command is provided to show if CA 1 is up and actively tracking tapes or if CA 1 is running in batch-active mode.  The installed CA 1 release is displayed along with the version of the CA 1 operating intercepts (OSI).  This feature allows for a quick check of CA 1 status without starting the CA 1 ISPF application.


Large Dataset Support for TMSPTRS

In support of clients with very large TMCs, the TMSPTRS utility has been updated to allow the work TMC defined in the SYSUT3 DD to be defined as DSNTYPE=LARGE.


Separate Retention Parameter for GDGs

A new retention parameter, RPGDG is introduced to allow for the separate assignment of expiration dates for tape data sets that are members of a Generation Data Group (GDG).  Similar to the existing RP parameter, the RPGDG parameter will be used when a job creating a tape does not contain an expiration date or retention parameter and the tape data set being created is a GDG.


PassPhrase Support for TMSINIT

TMSINIT has now been enhanced to allow authentication by UserID and PassPhrase (up to 100 characters).


Security Check for Long Retention

Two new CA 1 system options, EXPSECA and EXPSECV, are introduced to allow you to control the use  of permanent retention or other long expiration dates.  The EXPSECV value specifies the maximum retention value you want to enforce at your site.  The EXPSECA value allows you to specify whether you want to simply warn or to fail jobs with expiration dates that exceed this value.  These new system options will be useful to sites that want to limit the use of permanent retention tapes.


Improved Authorization Check for TMSXTEND

The TMSXTEND utility has been updated to verify that the program is authorized during initialization.  This prevents the program from running and wasting resources up to the point where authorization is needed and a User ABEND is issued.   These PTFs also resolve various problems reported in the 12.6 release and CA 1 14.0.

See Solutions
RO86720 and RO86715 for the list of maintenance fixes included in this delivery.    For the complete list of enhancements, please
see the CA 1 TapeManagement 14.0 Release Information.