autoping -m localhost:  CAUAJM_E_10139 Localhost cannot be resolved

Document created by zgofa01 Employee on Dec 23, 2015
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During the installation of WAAE 11.3.6  SP3 the long machine name is created .
To use WCC the short machine name should be created
However if we have both machines defined short and long names the
autoping does not work

autoping -m localhost

CAUAJM_I_50023 AutoPinging Machine [localhost]
CAUAJM_E_10139 Localhost cannot be resolved to a machine definition.
CAUAJM_W_10109 Please define a single machine with the name
'log-machine-name' or specify
an existing machine as the LocalMachineDefinition configuration variable.

The solution is:

either delete one of these machines OR

On windows:

from CA---> Workload automation AE ---> Administrator ---> scheduler screen
there is a box localmachinedefinition, we need to add the hostname:
either short-name ou long-name

On UNIX machine:

in config.$AUTOSERV set
LocalMachineDefinition=short-name ou long-name