Using the APM PowerPack for Oracle (Oracle PP) with the Oracle JDBC OCI driver & TNSNames Alias Syntax(Oracle RAC connectivity)

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  • Out of the box the Oracle PP only supports the use of the Oracle JDBC Thin driver with Thin-style Service Name Syntax (@//host_name:port_number/service_name) when building the DB connection string.
  • This document covers how to use the Oracle JDBC OCI driver with TNSNames Alias Syntax (@MyTNSAlias)



  • A small change needs to be made to the getConnectionString() method for  contained in the PPOracleDB.jar file.The change simply modifies the Oracle JDBC connection string to just take the hostname part of the  hostname-port-db property in the field and uses that as the TNS alias.
  • To avoid a syntax error at PP startup the hostname-port-db property still needs to contain the 3 parameters for "Hostname/Port/Database" e.g. orcl_iscope/1521/orcl where orcl_iscope is the TNS alias from the tnsnames.ora file



          So that means the username & password fields can be set to null in the file for improved security.

  • Connection to an Oracle RAC could be achieved via the RAC TNS_ALIAS (usually configured with a VIP for the hostname)



  • Modified version of, compiled class DBConnectionData.class and APM 10.1 version of updated PPOracleDB.jar
  • Example file



Please post any questions/problems back to this page



Please note that like any other Field pack this change is not officially supported\tested\certified.

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