Tech Tip: How to Re-Send Servers via CCA-SDM Point-to-Point Integration

Document created by A_H Employee on Jan 12, 2016
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The CCA-SDM Point-to-Point integration has a builtin checksum checker which works by when sending a CI that has never been been sent before, CCA saves a checksum value in the database.  This is done in order to save process\bandwidth if you attempt to resend the same server with no changes being done

If changes to a server were made and then attempted to send, then the checksum value would have changed and the CI would be exported\updated in TWA


To remove the checksums:


  1. In CCA UI --> Admin --> Configuration --> Properties --> Group = "sdm" --> Name = "sdm.checksum.delete" --> Change value to true
  2. Restart CCA Service
  3. Log back into CCA UI and navigate to the SDM Integration tab
  4. Click on the Jobs sub-tab and then select the job that contains the servers you want to re-send
  5. On the top right, you will see a button called 'Clear For Republish'
  6. Click that and it will remove all the checksum values associated to that job


You can then re-send servers to SDM\TWA

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