Tech Tip: VAIM Console Template Policy tree load latency

Document created by Charles_Lilienkamp Employee on Jan 15, 2016Last modified by MelissaPotvin on Feb 9, 2016
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For anyone having what they consider extreme slowness in the expansion of the policy/template tree.


It has been found that this latency directly correlates to the amount of Policies and Template files and the contents of c:\programdata\ca\sm\caismwebservice\user defined profiles.

This is not strictly limited to the files in the sub-directory templates or policies. If backups have or are being taken of these directories and stored in this tree.

For example a copy of templates has been created in user defined profiles named templates - copy date

all the additional backup directories will cause additional slowness.


Since each file found is processed for *.* and each .prof file is opened to review the _info details.


Moving old backup copies of profile and template directories from here will temporarily provide faster results.

And more permanently removing the old backups from   c:\programdata\ca\sm\casmdomain\user defined profiles

which re-syncs with the webservices at services restart more permanently will provide faster results.


Temp files do not have to be deleted they can just be moved else where on the c:\ like a new directory vaimprogdatabackups


Hopefully this is helpful.