CA Performance Management Office Hours Transcript - February 2016

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Chat transcript from CA Performance Management Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [February 2016] - Vision/Roadmap for Performance Management & Intro to Release 2.7 which took place on February 4, 2016.


Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: Hi everyone - let's get started! You can start asking your questions here in the chat box. Please make sure to @mention when replying!

Mark to Everyone: What is the latest GA version released and when is the next one coming out?

Manuel to Everyone: hi what are the supported OS for version 2.7

Jason Normandin to Everyone: @Mark - The current GA version is 2.6. Our next GA release (2.7) will be available mid-week next week.

Chris Schwind to Everyone: whats the large current deployment of CA Performance Manager globally?  how many endpoints?

Matthias Lurschack to Everyone: hi all, when do you plan to include EDGE Browser support ? We need this information as a few external customers of our CAPM-customer already asked about. thanks!

Jamie to Everyone: @Manuel - we support RedHat 5 and 6 for version 2.7 - same as previous releases

Aravind Sugur to Everyone: @Manuel - Linux is the Supported OS RHEL 5 & 6

Manuel to Everyone: any plan for RHEL 7x?

Joe Rossi to Everyone: @Matthias: right now, I beleive edge support will be the next release (after 2.8). We are currently upgrading our javascript library, which is required for that support.

Jason Normandin to Everyone: Hi @Chris - Our largest customer is monitoring 2 million managed items.

Matthias Lurschack to Everyone: our CAPM-customer asked us, if there are any plans to have a password-policy included for internal CAPC customers who are authenticating not via LDAP (eg to have min length of characters, lower/uppercase, strings & numbers...)

John Murdough to Everyone: @Manuel - RHEL 7.x by end of year

Matthias Lurschack to Everyone: Thanks Joe!

Mark to Everyone: Are all the server components supported on Virtual Servers? 

John Murdough to Everyone: @Matthias - At present we've not planned for adding password criteria enforcement

Jason Normandin to Everyone: @Matthias - Support for Microsoft Edge browser requires an update of the CAPC EXTJS client libraries. This is a large effort that has been underway for quite some time and is targetted for completion by the end of this calendar year.

John Murdough to Everyone: @Mark - We strongly recommend physical servers for your DR nodes in particular

John Murdough to Everyone: @Mark - Ideally DA and CAPC also physical, but we understand the use of VMs

John Murdough to Everyone: @Mark - usually DCs on VMs is common

Matthias Lurschack to Everyone: Thanks John!

Matthias Lurschack to Everyone: @Jason: So we may expect it by end of the year ... so I guess we will see it in the next roadmap then once it is clarified internally on your side. Thanks!

Jason Normandin to Everyone: Just a reminder - our NPS sruvey for CA Performance Manager is a great oppurtunity to provide your direct and candid feedback to the Product Leadership team! Should only take 5-10 minutes.

Jason Normandin to Everyone: @Matthias - Yes, as soon as we have a "firm" commitment the roadmap will be updated.

Mark to Everyone: @John, thank you.

Scott to Everyone: any plan on integrating an snmp browser?  or, high-velocity snmp queries for mib oids?

Steve Weinert to Everyone: Hi all, I'd like to see the Contextpages of a specific Device to show on context Tab per supported Metric family with views for the filled metrics. Will that be possible in the future?

Matthias Lurschack to Everyone: @Steve: also a highly important requirement on our side....

Jason Normandin to Everyone:  @Scott - Good question! We are not planning to specifically release a MIB browser but we are looking at expanding our self-certification UIs and part of that would be an SNMP browser.

Joe Rossi to Everyone: @Jason, @Steve: Isn't that similar to one of our backlog stories related top context pages?

Jason Normandin to Everyone: @Steve - YES! This is a key item targeted for our 3.0 release targeted for second half of this calendar year.

Steve Weinert to Everyone: Will self-certification in the future also be able to span more than one specific table of the vendor mib?

Michael Poller to Everyone: @Jason, that’s terrific to hear. From a support perspective, the one in Spectrum always made debugging issues much easier.

Steve Weinert to Everyone: @Jason: cool... that sounds great!

Jason Normandin to Everyone: @Steve - You can actually do that today using our Power user Certification APIs.

Matthias Lurschack to Everyone: is it planned to transfer the capabilities of the "CAMM Customization Tool" to a "KPI Editor" which is able to change rollup strategies, deltas, min/max, percentiles for SNMP and non-SNMP metrics?

Steve Weinert to Everyone: @ Jason: I Know but it would be easier to have this as a point and click adventure

Jason Normandin to Everyone: @Matthias - We don't have specific plans at this time in our roadmap but that is something we have begun to explore options on internally. Is there a Community Idea out there for this one? If not, can you get it out there so we can better gauge customer base interest?

Princy Mehta to Everyone: This is not specifically about PM, but indirectly related to it.  When CA PM 3.0 is released toward year's end, will that spell the end of further development of eHealth?

Jason Normandin to Everyone: @Princy - No. We are not planning on stopping eHealth Development and we do not have any formal plans to end-of-life eHealth at this time. We want customers to be able to use the solution that meets their business needs. Until PM can satisfy those requirements, we don't want to force customers to lose that functionality.

Matthias Lurschack to Everyone: Thanks Jason. I could open one as there is nothing explicitly opened from our side so far. It is more a nice to have to enhance "time to market" when there is somehing to change (rollup strategy eg.). And under certain circumstances it would make sense to have both: avg AND total of a metric when you look at current or historic data....

Princy Mehta to Everyone: @Jason, thanks!  Good to know.

Steve Weinert to Everyone: Is there already a definitive release date of 2.7? Having some problems and hoping to solve them with 2.7

David Cosgrove to Everyone: @Matthias - your point about simultaneous support for both SUM/AVG has surfaced recently.  I'd like to hear more about your use cases for this. Currently, rollup strategy is an either or selection (AVG or SUM); however, we could potentially change this work work like other aggregations that are independently controlled (e.g. MIN, MAX)

Jason Normandin to Everyone: As mentioned in Tuesday's WebCast, CAPM has just started a GitHub repository to provide a way for users to leverage custom content and integrations. Here is the link if you missed it:

Jason Normandin to Everyone: @Steve - We are looking at mid next week for OpenAccess GA.

Steve Weinert to Everyone: @Jason sounds great!

Steve Weinert to Everyone: Is there a list of Java Exception and stack traces i can savely ignore in karaf.log?

Orlando Euceda to Everyone: Are there any plans to enhance administration of dashboards?  We have a growing clutter and it would be nice to have a sense of which dashboards are "popular" which are unused, near duplicates, etc.

Steve Weinert to Everyone: @Orlando that would be a really cool feature!

Scott to Everyone: Speaking of dashboards and about sub-menus? This menu lists are getting very ugly...

Orlando Euceda to Everyone: @Scott we have that issue as well

Jason Normandin to Everyone: @Orlando - That is an interesting idea. We don't have anything planned on this yet but I'd like to better understand how you think this would manifest itself.

Robert Keville to Everyone: @Steve - we don’t have a comprehensive list of messages that can be ignored

Jason Normandin to Everyone: @Orlando - Could you open an Idea on the Community so we can get a conversation going to better define how this might manifest itself?

Jamie to Everyone: @Steve - we are working to reduce the occurrence of exception/stack traces in karaf.log.  We don't have a master "list" of things that can safely be ignored - the plan is as time goes on, only critical exceptions will show up there

Steve Weinert to Everyone: @Robert Maybe a short one I can start with?  I think !!Unamanged Exception!! is not that good right?

Jason Normandin to Everyone: @Scott - This is one we have been looking at but hasn't made the "cut" yet. We know the whole menu structure needs to be re-thought and we are looking to implement significant improvements in the 3.x timeframe

Scott to Everyone: @jason - so, end of year, probably?

Orlando Euceda to Everyone: @Jamie I'll come up with some irresistible wording and post the idea later today.

Matthias Lurschack to Everyone: Thanks Dave ;-)

Jason Normandin to Everyone: @Scott - Not sure if 3.0 specifically or a post 3.0 deliverable. We'll know more as we get into 3.0 planning in a couple of months. If we are going to do this in 3.0, we will definately get it into the roadmap

Mark to Everyone: What is on the road map for the future integrations of CA PC with Spectrum?

Matthias Lurschack to Everyone: @Dave: I will keep you posted in regards to use cases for this requirement.

David Cosgrove to Everyone: @Matthias - that's very helpful. We just received a similar request from another customer using our new VNA capabilities. 

Jason Normandin to Everyone: @Mark - This is an area we want to put a lot of energy into for 3.0 and beyond. For example, things like better reconciliation of managed items and better SNMP profile associations. Integration of maintenance mode (push from Spectrum to CAPM) etc.

Scott to Everyone: what about interface lifecycle management? I don't want an interface (and its history) disappearing on me because it was shutdown for a day or two. 

Jason Normandin to Everyone: @Scott - That's a good suggestion. I'll pass this one along to my colleague who is working on this feature in more detail.

Scott to Everyone: @jason - thanks.

Matthias Lurschack to Everyone: Under certain circumstances our customer is interested to manage if filtered items (based on monitoring profile filters) are synced to CAPC or not. is there something planned ? for items "not present" there is already a feature.

Jason Normandin to Everyone: @Matthias - Are you looking to be able to show "filtered" items in CAPC that are not collecting data on the DA? If so, what is driving that use case?

Matthias Lurschack to Everyone: @Jason: one use case is, that devices which were polled are not needed any more (= filtered) should be synced to CAPC so that we can report on the historic data.

Matthias Lurschack to Everyone: @Jason: yes, the option should be for the DA data source to sync only filtered items to CAPC, which had been polled for X weeks/months/...

Jason Normandin to Everyone: @Matthias - The issue is that we have some customers with dynamic environments with MANY (over 1 million!) filtered items. What about the lifecycle improvements related to retirement? Would it be better to provide retirement at the component level for this?

Matthias Lurschack to Everyone: @Jason: I understand. We should not do it per default, it should be a checkbox for DA data source which is disabled per default. So larger customers are not affected then. the retire-component feature might be helpful here, we have already requested and looking forward to this one ;-)

Jason Normandin to Everyone: @Matthias - Lets take this one off line as it's a bit of the opposite approach we are thinking about.

Matthias Lurschack to Everyone: @Jason: thanks anyway for your time and input! 

Matthias Lurschack to Everyone: So 2.8 is planned anytime in 2nd Quarter, right ?

Steve Weinert to Everyone: Is there already a feature list for 2.8?

Matthias Lurschack to Everyone: @Steve ! ;-)

Jason Normandin to Everyone: @Matthias - I can only "officially" indicate 1H of this calendar year. I don't want the CA lawyers yelling at me!

Matthias Lurschack to Everyone:

Matthias Lurschack to Everyone: i see

Jason Normandin to Everyone: @Steve - I'm happy to setup a time to walk through our plans for 2.8 with you and your team.

Steve Weinert to Everyone: @Jason  feel free to say Q2... if it won't fit you can add fiscal year CA later

Matthias Lurschack to Everyone: we are looking forward anyway. thanks a lot!

Jason Normandin to Everyone: @Steve - Ok, it's first half of this year and it's NOT in Q1. So .... :-)

Steve Weinert to Everyone: @Jason: I'm sorry Im not that up-to-date at the moment... Should have a closer look to the community side I guess..

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: Alright, we’re going to wrap up today's session! Thank you so much to everyone for joining! Today's transcript will be posted to the community later today.