Tech Tip - UCM 4.1 Enable Automatic DNS Resolve

Document created by Charles_Nack Employee on Feb 9, 2016
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Enable Automatic DNS Resolve - CA Unified Communications Monitor - 4.1 - CA Technologies Documentation




New in UCM 4.1 is the ability to enable Automatic DNS Resolve for Voice Gateways, Call Servers and Mediation Servers




In previous versions of UCM, DNS was update via a manual process by click the DNS button to resolve the IP address to the hostname. This would need to be done individually for each server.




UC Monitor 4.1+




  1. Open the Parameter_Descriptions table in the VOIP database.
  2. Find the parameter, DNSSyncTime.
  3. Change the corresponding value (in hours) of DefaultValue. For example, if you specify 1, then UC Monitor checks for any changed IP addresses after every one hour and resolves to its hostname, automatically
    • By default, the value is set at 0, which means auto DNS resolve is disabled.
    • CA recommends you to set this value to 24, so that DNS is resolved only once every day. A shorter interval may increase the system load.
  4. Restart CA UCM Inspector.


Additional Information:


Open command prompt and log into MySQL on the UCM Console
     MySQL voip

Confirm the current value in the database

     select * from parameter_descriptions where parameter='DNSSyncTime';

Update to database to set value to 24

     update parameter_descriptions set defaultvalue=24 where parameter='DNSSyncTime';

Confirm changes in database

     select * from parameter_descriptions where parameter='DNSSyncTime';

Restart Inspector service