nimsoft_alarm_reporter v1.5

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In attachment a Perl tool that can report on the:

- nas_transaction_log (detailed log)

- nas_transaction_summary (1 line per alarm)

tables and produce reports in html or csv format.


- Sample detail report (html format)


- sample overview report:



- sample open alarm report:



A doc file is in the attached zip file.


Quick start (without customizing nimsoft_generic.dat):

- if Perl is installed copy, and nimsoft_generic.dat to a local directory

- if perl is not installed copy nimsoft_alarm_reporter.exe and nimsoft_generic.dat to a local directory

(you are not required to customize the nimsoft_generic.dat file, but than you need to use the -r, -u and -p options)

- execute: perl -r"sql_servername" -u"sa" -p"sql_psw" -b"1"


Quick start (with customizing nimsoft_generic.dat)

- copy the files in a directory

- edit the file: nimsoft_generic.dat and change all settings/variables

- the passwords in this file must be encrypted by: nimsoft_crypt.exe your_password

  (the output will be the encrypted password that you copy in nimsoft_generic.dat)

- execute:  nimsoft_alarm_reporter -b"1"

  (this will generate a report of all detail alarms of the last hour in c:\temp)


Any comment or idea is very welcome.


Version 1.3:

- filter on level

- filter on acknowledged_by

- filter on assigned_by and assigned_to

- use sql trusted connection to connect to mssql

Version 1.4:

- can also report on nas_transaction_summary table, this table creates only 1 record for an alarm, even if it's generated every 5 minutes.

Version 1.5:

- can run on Windows with MSSQL or Mysql

- can run on Linux with Mysql/Mariadb

- can run on a standalone (no perl or sql client) Linux and Windows with the compiled version

- documented how to create your own Perl environment to run this tool

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