Transcript Office Hours: Workload Automation Autosys Edition (AE) [Feb. 11th]

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Lenn Thompson (CA) :     @Steve: Good morning. We're going to get started in just a minute. Thanks for joining!


Joseph Neumann :            @Joe: Hello


Lenn Thompson (CA) :     @Steve: Do you have any questions for the team?


Steve Bontius :   one that's more EEM related... We are building a new environemnt, and just installed EEM, we are trying to get rid of the certificate warning message on the admin login page, is there a way to do that?


Steve Bontius :   like if we were to use a fully signed 2048bit cert with proper chaining?


Mark Hanson (CA) :          @Steve Hi Steve, I have a video for WCC that may be related.


Mark Hanson (CA) :          The process should be similar for EEM


Steve Bontius :   ok thanks - will review the video


Mark Hanson (CA) :          @Steve If that doesn't help, please open a case with support and we'll figure it out.


Lenn Thompson (CA) :     @Everyone: Are there other questions for our AE team?


Pavel :   hello


Lenn Thompson (CA) :     @Pavel Good morning and thanks for joining us. Do you have a question for the team?


Pavel :   yes! need an advise


Pavel :   when an autosys machine goes "Missing", a job which normally would run at this time will go to Pending.


Pavel :   i want to notify owner of the job about the delay.


Pavel :   autosys would generate an alarm specific to the machine, but nothing about the job.


Pavel :   any ideas what can i do?


Sridhar Baratam :             @Pavel Great question. We do not have the capability today. Would you mind opening an ideation request?


Joseph Neumann :            @Pavel - I am not finding any alert related to the job specific condition of going into  pending.


Steve Bontius :   @Mark - the video you provided is to basically accept the self signed cert on the local workstations browser.   Is there a way to use fully signed purchased certificates  a certificate authority?


Mark Hanson (CA) :          @Pavel Hi Pavel, this requirement has come up before, there may already be an idea posted, but I cannot currently think of a way to accomplish this without a change to the product.


Mark Hanson (CA) :          @Steve Ah yes I believe there is. I will get that information to you.


Mark Hanson (CA) :          @Steve Are you using EEM 12.51?


Pavel :   i understand that product has no feature like this now, need a custom workaround now


Joseph Neumann :            @Pavel - Please open an Ideation for the job to pending alert if you do not see one already.


Pavel :   the idea is already filed -


Lenn Thompson (CA) :     @Pavel Thank you!


Steve Bontius :   @Mark we are trying to use the latest and greatest, which I believe is to be specific   Would like to avoid this warning for all the browser based components such as EEM, WCC, iDash, Agent Monitor etc.  If it's only EEM that can't used trusted certs then we may be able to live with it as the user audience is much smaller (just our security admins), but the other components are more important, we just haven't installed them yet .


Lenn Thompson (CA) :     Do we have any other questions for the team?


Pavel :   one min, please


Lenn Thompson (CA) :     I'd also like to mention that if you haven't taken our AE product survey yet, it ends tomorrow at midnight -- so there is still time to give us your feedback. Learn more here:


Mark Hanson (CA) :          @Steve Gotcha thanks. I will pursue and reach out to you separately.


Pavel :   I'm thinking about a custom solution, a custom script will read proc_event table for jobs entered PE status. For each susch job the script would issue "sendevent ALARM -A MACHINE_UNAVAILABLE -J jobname"


Pavel :   any comments on this approach?


Mark Hanson (CA) :          @Pavel We are investigating a possible approach


Pavel :   @mark, you mean making it part of the product?


Lee Peterson :    @Pavel - we're testing out an idea using restful


Pavel :   @Lee, restful as alternative to my sendevent approach?


Lee Peterson :    @Pavel  - yesr.


Lee Peterson :    @Pavel - we're exploring a couple avenues, trying to avoid hitting database, for obvious reasons.


Lee Peterson :    @Pavel -  so about the best advice I could offer is watching/scraping the event_demon log. PE jobs will produce the following message:


Lee Peterson :    CAUAJM_I_40188 Pending job <your_job> due to offline machine(s)


Pavel :   @Lee - thanks, the log is another option


Lee Peterson :    @Pavel - your idea is a good one though.  I'd advocate it as an enhancement to the smtp itegration/email notification - for what that might be worth to you


Pavel :   i think it should a regular alarm. users might chose to filter it out.


Lenn Thompson (CA) :     Are there any other questions?


Pavel :   thanks.


Lee Peterson :    @Pavel - welcome!


Pavel :   please comment on the idea mentioned above. for future reference.


Steve Bontius :   Re: Pavel's request is the CAUAJM_I_40188 just for Pending Job due to offline machines, or could there be other messages with this code?


Steve Bontius :   I like the idea of adding that to our monitoring scripts which are currently scraping the event_demon logs, just want to make sure we aren't going to get other noise that we may not care about.. Currently we only look at CAUAJM_E and CAUAJM_W messages and filter out a few that we don't care about in our evnrionment...


Lee Peterson :    @Steve - good followup question.   The msg ref guide explains that this code is only for the pending machine job


Steve Bontius :   ok thanks


Lee Peterson :    @Steve - but of course


Lenn Thompson (CA) :     We have about a minute left -- any last questions?


Steve Bontius :   great session, too bad it was just two of us asking questions.  @Mark looking forward to your followup on using fully signed certs for AutoSys related web components such as EEM, iDash, WCC, Agent monitor etc.  Thanks!


Lenn Thompson (CA) :     Okay--we are at the top of the hour, so we need to wrap up. Thank you SO much for attending this session. We'll see you next time!

Mark Hanson (CA) :          @Steve Thanks I will be in touch


Joseph Neumann :            @ALL - Thank you!