CA SOI Office Hours Transcript - February 2016

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Transcript from CA SOI Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [January 2016] - Vision and Roadmap for CA Service Operations Insight which was held on February 11, 2016


Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: Alright, let's get started! You can start typing your questions here int he chat box. Don't forget to select "everyone" before clicking send!

ben breeland to Everyone: Hi. Is there a web services getting started guide that walks one through the creation of web services call and commands?

Joe Poutre to Everyone: Is there a recommended path for which SNMP connector to use, knowing that in the future the two will become one? We have a few apps that presently are trapping alerts to Spectrum as our monitoring console, and we'll will redirect those to SOI eventually.

Michael Boehm (CA) to Everyone: @Ben: up to SOI 3.2 there was a special WSReferecne Guide.   Now this info is online

Michael Boehm (CA) to Everyone: @Joe: the future will more likely be the Catalyst based version.  But the final decision is not yet taken

Britta to Everyone: @Ben - You may have a look for the Webservice documentation at

Michael Boehm (CA) to Everyone: @Ben:  for SOI 4,0 it is:

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: Hi. We have recently automated alerting into tickets. Upon doing this, we are facing an issue on the summary and description not being unique

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: the summary column has an information relating to a server which is not the same in the description field

Michael Boehm (CA) to Everyone: @Ananda: What do you mean by not being unique?

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: @Michael: the summary column has an information relating to a server which is not the same in the description field

Michael Boehm (CA) to Everyone: @Ananda: Where do the Alerts come from?

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: as an instance, the alert is for a service down on a server 'ABC' but it says CPU is 90% on server 'XYZ'

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: @Michael: they come from Nimsoft

Michael Boehm (CA) to Everyone: @Ananda: which connector version?

Michael Boehm (CA) to Everyone: @Ananda: and which probe?

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: @Michael the latest one for 8.31

Sean to Everyone: We have active/passive spectrums and use SOI to connect to MS SQL server(s). Should I add two SOI, one for primary and one for secondary spectrum?

Michael Boehm (CA) to Everyone: @Ananda: there are some problems for the VMWare probe where Aleerts dont get assigned to the proper server. this is on the UIM side and being investigated on

Britta to Everyone: @Sean: Do you mean two Spectrum IM connectors ?

Michael Boehm (CA) to Everyone: @Sean:  do you mean the fault tolerant setup of Spectrum or two independent Spectrum server?

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: @Michael: The vmware alerts are not automated at the moment. This confusion is not for any specific set of alerts. It is of a random nature

Sean to Everyone: Fault tolerant.

Britta to Everyone: @Sean: You install one instance of the Spectrum IM Connector for the primary spectroServer. In the configuration you will be asked for the secondary spectroServer. So you install only one instance of the connector for a primary/secondary pair.

Michael Boehm (CA) to Everyone: @Ananda: then please open a Support issue to go further into details.  I am only aware of problems with the VMWare probe.  but there might be other ones being affected as well.

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: @Michael: My team member has already created one. I can get you the case number

Dan Lundwall to Everyone: SCENARIO:  I have 3 Services, ServiceA, ServiceB and ServiceC. ServiceB and ServiceC were then used as SUB-SERVICES to ServiceA.  I created 2 User Groups.  UG1 and UG2. UG1 is R/W Admin. UG2 is OperatorRO. I created a User, called UserA and placed him in UG2.  I assigned ServiceB to UserA. >>> QUESTION:  Why can't I see ServiceB in my dashboard when I log into SOI as UserA? I have to assign UserA to see ServiceA before I can see ServiceB.

Michael Boehm (CA) to Everyone: @Dan:  this is a known "issue" with sublevel services. there is a reference in the documentation about that scenario

Sean to Everyone: Okay. Thanks. IS SOI support fault tolerant setup?

Michael Boehm (CA) to Everyone: @Ananda: if there is an issue already, Support is following up

Dan Lundwall to Everyone: So this is a known issue. Is there a work-around for this?

Britta to Everyone: @Sean: The Spectrum Connector supports fault tolerant setup of Spectrum

Michael Boehm (CA) to Everyone: @Sean:  only via MS Cluster or Brightstore HA.   there is not something like Spectrum Fault tolerance. but it is on the long-term Roadmap

Dan Lundwall to Everyone: @Michael Where in the documentation is that found?

Michael Boehm (CA) to Everyone: @Dan: let me find the link

Michael Boehm (CA) to Everyone: @Dan:

Dan Lundwall to Everyone: @Michael:   Thanks :-)

Michael Boehm (CA) to Everyone: @Dan: and then in the iddle of the page: Service and Sub-Service Access Situations

Ananda Guberan to Everyone: @Michael: thanks

Sean to Everyone: Thanks again. We are going to convert SOI connector from windows version to RH Linux. What is the version of RH Linux supported? Does Linux version require more or less system resources?

Britta to Everyone: @Sean: Let me check the connector documentation for this.

Britta to Everyone: @Sean: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 64-bit

Rajat Bhardwaj to Everyone: @Sean RH 6.5 is the version on which the connector was certified. In general it should work on RH 6.x versions.

Sean to Everyone: Thank you very much.

Sean to Everyone: What are system requirements for RH? Does it require more resources? Can I use similar to the current setup?

Britta to Everyone: @Sean: there is no difference between Windows and RH with regards to the IFW resources requirements.  It depends on the number of CIs and Alerts the connectors has to manage.

Dan Lundwall to Everyone: @Michael:  If I understand the chart correctly I see that there is no scenario available for a User Group to be allowed to see SubserviceD alone on their Dashboard?

Michael Boehm (CA) to Everyone: @Dan: I have to go through the scenario in detail to see what is your setup.  can we work on that offline pls? Please describe the setup of your groups in detail (would be great to get some screencaptures).

Dan Lundwall to Everyone: @Michael:  Will do.  THX!!!

Michael Boehm (CA) to Everyone: @Dan: :-)

Shaheen Ahmed to Everyone: @Dan please open a case with support so that we can test your scenario

Joe Poutre to Everyone: SOI reporting and BOXI - will you be replacing it with Jasper, as you are for other tools that use BOXI?

Michael Boehm (CA) to Everyone: @Joe:  yes.   SOI 4.0 CUM1 is based on JasperReports

Joe Poutre to Everyone: Very good, thank you.

Rajat Bhardwaj to Everyone: @Joe BOXI will be replaced by Jasper in SOI 4.0 CU1, The beta release will be available in Feb, You can register for the beta program

Joe Poutre to Everyone: I will definitely look into that.

Michael Boehm (CA) to Everyone: @Joe:  if you are interested in the Beta test:  go to and sign up there.

Rajat Bhardwaj to Everyone: @Joe you can drop a note to ******@***.com and he can send you the invitation to join the beta program

Joe Poutre to Everyone: I'll do that. Thank you.