Note on NetMaster Automation /RMON reference to  =A.C.A

Document created by zeiar01 Employee on Feb 22, 2016
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On the /RMON screen, if the user uses line command DB=Database for an SNAGROUP, and selects panel SNAGRP resource_name State Thresholds,

and finally hits F1=Help, one of the Help topics is 'Logical state threshold'. Selecting it shows:


Whether a group is Ok or not OK is determined by the

combined weight of the member states by using the

special logical states OK and NOTOK.  The mapping
these logical states is in the SNA Resource Logical

State Normalization table (one of the display attribute

tables).  (You can access the list of tables by entering

=A.C.A from any panel.)


Path =A.C.A is currently shortcut /ASADMIN.A (from here select panel 'SNA Resource Logical State Normalization Table').