Tech Tip Rollup (2016)

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The following 'tech tips' were authored in calendar year 2016 (includes tech tips tagged with 'tech tips' and/or 'tips'). This document will continue to be updated over the calendar year


Tech Tips 2015 --> Tech Tip Rollup (2015)


October 2016

SOI Tech Tip:  <soimanager>:7090/sam/debug/createalarm2.jsp fails after RO92144 

SOI Tech Tip:  CA SAM Application Server does not startup after RO92514 for SOI 4.0 CUM1 

SOI Tech Tip:  UIM Connector UIM Database connect credentials after CA_UIM Database moved to another SQL Server 


September 2016

SOI Tech Tip: The Disk where SOI UI Server is installed run out of Disk Space 


August 2016

SOI Tech Tip: SOI Manager does not startup

SOI Tech Tips: How to use German Language in SOI Jasper Reports


July 2016

SOI Tech Tip: The EEM EiamAdmin User Password has changed

SOI Tech Tip: Backup Management of customized XML files in SOI


June 2016

SOI Tech Tip: UIM Connector on a MSCS Cluster will publish all Alarms to the hub CI

How to add additional UIM CI Types to the UIM Connector Configuration

SOI Tech Tip: Port Alerts with Name Unknown in SOI Console

SOI Tech Tip: How to add additional UIM CI Types to the UIM connector configuration


May 2016

SOI Tech Tips: How can I add the user attribute values of UIM Alarms, user_tag1 and user_tag2 to SOI Alerts.

SOI Tech Tips:  How to clean the Catalyst Container Cache

CA SOI Report Integration: Configuring Reports Link 

CA SOI Report Integration: Installing CA SOI Reports with CABI

New! CA SOI Report Integration: Activate User Synchronization

Check out this new video! CA SOI Report Integration: Activate User without Synchronization


April 2016

Overview of SOI 4.0 CU1 Reporting Scenarios


March 2016

New YouTube - CA UIM Integration: Operational Mode


February 2016

SOI Tech Tip:  The "CA SAM Event Management Service" fails to run after upgrade of SOI 3.3 to SOI 4.0


January 2016

Tech Tip:  WSSamServiceCMD crashes

Tech Tip: ActiveMQ stopped working when encountering missing journal file

Tech Tip: Finding and cleaning up DB Inconsistencies

Tech Tip: Additional Cleanup in the SOI Database

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