QOS_Views MS SQL script (Feb 2016)

Document created by Charlie_Wells Employee on Feb 25, 2016
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Hi Everyone,


Please find attached the latest versions of the QOS_Views for UIM on MS SQL.


V3.1 - It is now a Stored Procedure making it much easier to re-run the views

creation process from within UIM or by scheduling to run regularly in SQL.

Make sure you read the install notes.


V2.9 - This is the last supported version for NMS V7.5 or earlier. It includes

a couple of bug fixes for long metric names and CI_METRIC_ID matching.


If you have any problems or question please let me know via this forum discussion.



-- QOS_Views SQL Script

-- Version: 3.1
-- Date 24 February 2016

-- ****************************************************************************
-- ****            NOTE: This is NOT supported by CA Support.              ****
-- ****  Please use the CA Communities Forum for questions and assistance  ****
-- ****  http://communities.ca.com/community/ca-infrastructure-management  ****
-- ****************************************************************************
-- Description
-- -----------
-- This MS SQL procedure generates easy-to-use views in the NIS for accessing
-- QOS data. These views are a combination of the RAW, Hourly & Daily summary
-- tables.
-- The Script creates views named V_qosname, for example V_QOS_CPU_USAGE. These
-- view names are truncated to 128 characters long.

-- Supported Platforms
-- -------------------
-- This Script is designed to be use with UIM/NMS V7.6 or above that connects
-- to a Microsoft SQL backend database.
-- It's been tested on NMS V7.6, UIM V8.0, V8.1, V8.2 & V8.31.
-- Please use QOS_View V2.9 for previous versions UIM/NMS.



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