Application-Aware Network Monitoring Solutions Office Hours Transcript - February 2016

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Chat transcript from Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [February 2016] - Vision and Roadmap for Application-Aware Network Monitoring Solutions which took place on February 25, 2016. 


Melissa Potvin to Everyone: Hi Everyone and welcome to Office Hours for CA Application-Aware Network Monitoring Solutions

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: We have the support team and product management ready to answer your questions!

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: If no one has any questions, I can chat about path latency.

Tyler Peterson to Everyone: @stuart go for it

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: Well, can you give us a level set about where you are with it? Don't know what level to start talking at.

Tyler Peterson to Everyone: @stuart we've had customers request this in the past - are you looking at NFA or ADA?

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Tyler - NFA

Steve Weinert to Everyone: Hi all... How will AANM be licensed? As if i use all three product standalone or will it be cheaper?

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Tyler, it was something that was in a roadmap several times. We're looking at a fairly complex IPSLA deployment and using Netflow to give us p2p latency  between our already enabled netflow devices would prevent some of that complexity.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Steve, AANM? Like CA is going to release another "product" that unifies several products before that unified product is even available?

Steve Weinert to Everyone: @Stuart - AANM = Short for Application Aware Network Monitoring. sorry for the abbreviation

Christopher Walsh to Everyone: @stuart Application Response Time(ART) from Cisco AVC data can actually help display Path Latency data in NFA, which is already in the software

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @steve, haha, just wanted to avoid people thinking there was a new product out there. Hate to have IM2.0 experience again.

Tyler Peterson to Everyone: @Steve we're not looking at it as a separate product, but rather a set of products that offer the capability. It continues to be licensed as before.

Steve Weinert to Everyone: @ Stuart same for me ...

Christopher Walsh to Everyone: @Stuart here is the link to the ART documentation for NFA

Steve Weinert to Everyone: @Tyler - so just a new kind of "License Bundle"

Steven Guthrie to Everyone: Perhaps I can clarify what we mean by AANM. App-Aware Network Monitoring is a "solution" that would incorporate CA Application Delivery Analysis, CA Networrk Flow Analysis and CA Unified Communications Monitor

Steven Guthrie to Everyone: Each of the component products is licensed separately

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @steve g, so nothing new just a marketing term for these three products working together.

Tyler Peterson to Everyone: @Steve Also UIM and Spectrum - all together

Steven Guthrie to Everyone: @Stuart, you are correct

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: ok, clearly i'm going to need a demo about ART.

Steve Weinert to Everyone: @all thanks for the clarification!

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: has any consideration been given to updating the "how to enable netflow" wiki page with official configurations from CA?

Steve Weinert to Everyone: @stuart: that would be great

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @stevew, i've asked for it before. just never gotten much support from ca on it.

Bob Milla to Everyone: any word on a NFA 9.4 release date?

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: given that ipfix templates are getting more complicated and so many models have so many caveats, having official "this is what you need to do on the device to get it to show up right in nfa" guidance would be a real boon

Tyler Peterson to Everyone: @bob stay tuned, no announced date.

Christopher Walsh to Everyone: @Stuart being that router configurations can vary from IOS to IOS or device to device we always recommend checking with the vendor for proper router configuration, ie Cisco

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Charles, thanks for updating what you've updated.

Steven Guthrie to Everyone: @Stuart -- re "how to enable netflow" -- are you referring to your post on the Communities site?

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @steveg, yes.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @chrisw, the vendor says "it depends on what your consuming application needs"

Christopher Walsh to Everyone: @Stuart we also post the required fields that are needed for NFA to process data

Steven Guthrie to Everyone: Stuart is referring to

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @chrisw, they tell us to come to you and you tell us to go to them.

Steve Weinert to Everyone: @stuart: that's what i had recently with sflow and brocade

Christopher Walsh to Everyone: @stuart our required fields are documented here

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @chrisw, yeah, i know the required fields and if i had three years, i could figure out all the templates and commands for the hundreds of different vendors/models/versions. i'm asking for some guidance from ca.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: i need some place i can send my engineers to where they can lookup the vendor, model, and version of ios and receive a simple set of configuration templates.

Christopher Walsh to Everyone: @stuart if you ask cisco how to configure your device to get the required fields I am pretty sure they should be able to help you out easily. Most customers don't seem to have an issue with that

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: Thanks, now that i know i'm stupid...

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @chrisw, i would contend that more customers do than you think. they just know they aren't getting much help from you so you never see their need.

Dave Moy to Everyone: depends on getting the right Cisco engineer ...  I've had one struggle to get 4330 commands

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: Not the point anyway, i don't want to have to reach out to anybody. The commander was good and used to be up to date. I didn't have to ask anybody. I just pointed my engineers to that. However, it's out of date.

Charles Nack to Everyone: @Stuart, technically that is exactly what communities post has replaced. If the community shares the configs it can expand to not needing to ask support on CA or Cisco about configurations

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: i don't want my engineers having to reach out to the vendor every time we run across a new vendor/model/version combo. Because multiple engineers will reach out to Cisco and get multiple answers on the same problem.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @charles, I know that's what the communities post replaced. Because i extracted the content from the commander and put it in the wiki. However, it's not thriving like I would hope. In the absence of contributions from the community, it would be nice to get the experts at CA to weigh in.

Christopher Walsh to Everyone: @Stuart I agree I would like to see more community participation in contributing to the document

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: Ok, so ADA/NFA crossover question: when will my application definitions in ADA automatically come into NFA as app mapping rules?

Christopher Walsh to Everyone: @stuart I know you have asked this in the past, have you raised an Idea on this?

Tyler Peterson to Everyone: @stuart it's not currently on the roadmap; if there is sufficient interest in the community then I'll consider adding it.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @chris, not sure...

Dave Moy to Everyone: Have any customers commented on their experiences using XFF on the MTPs?  Is it working as expected?

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: alright one last gripe: PMs should have a strategic roadmap that includes the right stuff to do, things that are needed by everyone that uses the product. They should really only need ideation for things customers want that aren't needed by everybody. This is one of those ideas that the PM should know should be built into the product.

Tyler Peterson to Everyone: @stuart thanks for the feedback.

Christopher Walsh to Everyone: @stuart you can import application mapping definitions into NFA, so there may be a way to export from the ADA database to a text or csv file and then import into NFA

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @chris, Yeah, i've already built that actually. works pretty well. Just waiting for the day when i no longer have to do it myself (since i don't have the development prowess that ca does).

Christopher Walsh to Everyone: @stuart I would definitely submit and Idea I don’t see one out there

Steve Weinert to Everyone: what about collecting IPv6 Flows with NFA?

Tyler Peterson to Everyone: @steve great question, it's currently planned for the next release if you saw my roadmap presentation.

Steve Weinert to Everyone: @Tyler unfortunately not. but good to hear

Tyler Peterson to Everyone: @Steve see the replay.  Are you using IPv6 today?

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: @Steve - here is a link to the replay of that session:

Steve Weinert to Everyone: @tyler - not perosnally but one of our customers... but also unfortunately he would like to collect IPv6 traffic via slfowe from Brocade boxes... so 2 problems in a row

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: Single place app config idea:

Tyler Peterson to Everyone: @steve right.  well, at least ipv6 is coming...

Steve Weinert to Everyone: that made my day...

Tyler Peterson to Everyone: @stuart thanks for submitting, I'll keep my eyes on it and will loop in the CA PC guys as well.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: Tyler, let's meet at some point so we can get acquainted.

Dave Moy to Everyone: Can the APM product "watch" NFA and ADA components?

Tyler Peterson to Everyone: @dave this is something we've discussed recently, it's not formally on the roadmap.

Tyler Peterson to Everyone: @dave but of course it'd be good to have CA products help watch CA products.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone:

Christopher Walsh to Everyone: @stuart, I think dave was looking for APM to monitor ADA and NFA

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @chris, same thing. edited to be more generic.

Tyler Peterson to Everyone: @stuart I'm thinking queues, heap, etc., internals to a product.

Tyler Peterson to Everyone: @stuart @dave right?

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @tyler, yep. apm monitors that stuff, ada monitors external connections, CAPC/Spectrum/UIM monitor the hardware

Dave Moy to Everyone: I'd like it all ... ;-)

Tyler Peterson to Everyone: @dave i'm thinking of adding it to the roadmap, appreciate the feedback.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: i heard almost 3 years ago that CA was going to start using CA on CA to show customers how good it is.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: i haven't seen much, but maybe my sales guy is just out of it.

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: @stuart, we are in process of delivering CA on CA demos to numerous communities. we did one already for UIM

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @melissa, ok, makes sense why i haven't seen it yet. unsubscribed to UIM long ago.

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Melissa can give you the skinny on that (the subscription problem)

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: @stuart - no change

Steven Guthrie to Everyone: @Stuart -- we just did a Community session with CA on CA

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @Steve, oh?

Steven Guthrie to Everyone: @Melissa can you share link to Alquin's session, please and thanks

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: @Steve - sure, here it is:

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: oh, this is UIM on CA? Ok. Not as interested.

Steven Guthrie to Everyone: @stuart - CA GIS uses a lot more than just UIM

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: @steven, geological information surveys?

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: sorry, i work in oil.

Steven Guthrie to Everyone: @stuart - Global Information Systems

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: ah. that makes more sense.

Steven Guthrie to Everyone: finally, sometime that makes sense at CA :-)

Steven Guthrie to Everyone: (couldn't resist...)

Stuart Weenig to Everyone: mmd.

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: OK, so that concludes our session for today.  Thank you for joining office hours!  Transcripts will be posted to the community, as always. 

Tyler Peterson to Everyone: thanks folks

Christopher Walsh to Everyone: Thanks everyone