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Some users have asked me to include direct links to the documents to make it even easier to access. Well this months documents come with links!

Thank you for the input. If you would like to see any additional features please let me know.



Doc IDTitlePrimary Product
TEC1415731When the customer is trying to save a pcap file from MTP analysis tab, the size of the packet capture is zero which indicates basically nothing is getting saved.CA Application Delivery Analysis
TEC1654422After I changed the name of a monitored server, the new name is not reflecting in the Engineering and Operations tab.CA Application Delivery Analysis
TEC606788How do I configure the sampling rate for a router device within NFA manually?CA Application Delivery Analysis
TEC1464614How to create XFS partition in MTPCA Application Delivery Analysis Multi-Port Monitor
TEC1968967SSO Redirect on MTP login page is going to ADA IP address instead of HostnameCA Application Delivery Analysis Multi-Port Monitor
TEC1437871How to change or modify the NPC Datasource sync frequency.CA NetQoS Performance Center
TEC566496Event Manager Aggregate and Duplicate Event HandlingCA NetQoS Performance Center
TEC1163777Why are some ADA views in NPC showing the message "This view does not support the selected time frame"? CA NetQoS Performance Center
TEC1626503My maps view in NPC doesn't auto-refresh.CA NetQoS Performance Center
TEC1418244NPC's Event Manager is not receiving any Traps.CA NetQoS Performance Center
TEC584454Some CA NFA* Services or the CA Performance Center SSO service will not start with an error referencing a "Checksum Failed" error for Tanuki Software wrapper.CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1009944Disabling SSL in NFACA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1536286Time Filters in Network Flow Analysis reportsCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1057481Can't delete flow forensics reportCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1190279NFA console displays lot of traffic for the fragment protocolCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1811233Description of the netflow fields used by NFACA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1914732NFA purge deletes 15 Minutes historical dataCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1954843Double traffic using netflow flexible V9 configCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1208863Netqos MySQL 5.1 still running or still exists after MySQL 5.6 upgrade.CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC521109Cannot view real time or 1-minute data; 15 minute data existsCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1350809NFA showing double the volume of expected data for interfaces with WCCP enabled.CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1511711UDP Application Mappings are not displaying names in NFA reports.CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1694386How to completely uninstall a Linux NFA Harvester so that it will allow you to reinstall cleanly.CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1802248No data in NFA from Cisco Meraki MX or Z1 devicesCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC520882RA System Status page shows warnings for Stopped Services CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC520931Manager is not able to retrieve SNMP information from router.CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC521126Harvester service fails repeatedly with "b_test failure at ..\common\nfmydbutils.cpp 31"CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC521059Troubleshooting routers or interfaces that do not show up in ReporterAnalyzerCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1822317How to fix Session state is not available in this context IIS Error (Any version of NFA) CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC570851Page fails to load, repeatedly refreshesCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1884964Device Manager looses connection to the MySQL database with the following error: 0:01:09 1 - Data Source Poller - : A non-recoverable error occurred duringCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC526031HTTP 500 error message when worker process requests a recycle.CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC562045Administration page is distorted after upgrading to RA 9.0CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC562117Change 'Max per page' on the interfaces page of ReporterAnalyzerCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC562129Change Windows Server SNMP stringCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC562143Explanation of directionality in Conversation ReportsCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC562151Legacy Interop error in Custom Reports - Error converting DataTableCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC562154No data after August 10 selectable in custom reportsCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC562159The NQservice could not be startedCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC562737Application Definitions page hangs with MySQL stack trace messageCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1059445Windows 2012 only loads command promptCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC562033I am receiving the error "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: ipString" when going to the Interfaces page in RA/NFA.CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1158422When I try to display 1min report data, I get the error "Host '123456' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server".CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1207314Is Windows 2008 supported for NFA 9.3.3?CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1602677After I installed NFA and logged in, the UI is not rendering any graphics beside the text. CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1643538After I installed NFA, the watchdog log shows "System.Data.Odbc.OdbcException: ERROR".CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1789185What is the recommended migration path to NFA 9.3.3?CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC520938How to assign interface speeds to newly created interface aggregation CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1066131No Data from Routers on Linux Harvester. MySQL logs show "Unable to lock ./ib_logfile1" error.CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1407117NFA Trap Events not translated in NPC Events View.CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1669398Unable to poll devices.CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1189909Data execution prevention is not set correctlyCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1071592Cisco 6506 has no outbound data.CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1799083Random interfaces on a device don't display SNMP information.CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1170637Export reports from one system to another (non upgrade)CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1487347Host Summary and Conversation Summary return no data.CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1753572Integration of NFA with CA service deskCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1794744Net Flow Analyis UI Not opening properlyCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1723134Retention of Datafiles and Logs in UCMCA Unified Communications Monitor
TEC1181915CA UC Monitor Data PurgeCA Unified Communications Monitor
TEC1091936Enable Automatic DNS ResolveCA Unified Communications Monitor
TEC1389506UCM upgrade prompts Manage InstancesCA Unified Communications Monitor
TEC1976694Is my collected data also stored on the UCM Collector or only the UCM Console?CA Unified Communications Monitor
TEC520822Overview of the NetVoyant Alarm Generator (not supported)NetVoyant
TEC520932Availability poll instance shows illegal character message in console reportingNetVoyant
TEC520941SQL query to find out how many enabled poll instances exist in NetVoyantNetVoyant
TEC520977TCP/UDP Ports used by NetVoyantNetVoyant
TEC528306NetVoyant events in Event Manager are listed with Unknown severities.NetVoyant
TEC1045834How to migrate NetVoyant to a new server.NetVoyant
TEC545469MySQL error 24 in Event Viewer on a new install of NetVoyantNetVoyant
TEC566516Interfaces are auto-disabledNetVoyant
TEC568547Fix SSL redirect issue in NetoyantNetVoyant
TEC1983498No data present for 'Last 7 days'.NetVoyant
TEC521048NetVoyant stops polling IPSLA tests after router rebootNetVoyant
TEC1519846Not polling Interface Statistics for a device.NetVoyant
TEC1591941How to update existing MIBs in NetVoyantNetVoyant
TEC1758179Unable to start NetVoyant Service Manager ServiceNetVoyant
TEC1853644Data source is reporting # unrecognized children (type: pollinst).NetVoyant
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