CAVI Model Database Export - HOWTO

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Hi guys,


If you or your organisation needs to have a copy of the entire Model Database in CSV format you can follow these steps.


As root user, log onto your CAVI server.


This first command calls the postgres executable, connects to the VDC database, sets an output file name, sets a delimiter as a csv and removes the "table" style formatting.


#/usr/local/pgsql/bin/psql -d vdc_repos -o /tmp/vi_models.csv -F ',' -A


Once inside the database you can execute the following query:



FROM res.device_model mod

JOIN res.device_pline pline ON = mod.pline_id

JOIN res.device_type_en type ON mod.type_id =

JOIN res.device_vendor vendor ON = pline.vendor_id



Do not forget the ';' to finalise the query.


Type '\q' to exit.


You should now have a csv file in /tmp called vi_models.csv with the data listing of every model, their product line, vendor and device type attachment.


HI Daniel,


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